The 8 Foot Screen Door Length ProblemSupreme 30" Adjustable Steel Sliding Screen Door

You can go to almost any hardware store (Lowes, Home Depot) and even online ones (like HD Supply) and purchase a Sliding Glass Screen Door up to 81” in length (7 feet) because that has been the standard patio door size for many years.

However, even though they are not as popular as the 7 footers, there are plenty of apartment buildings and homes out there that have Sliding Glass Doors that go up to 8 feet in length and their owners or occupants are left scrambling in search of a store or shop which carries that size – since many of the major supply stores don’t.

Best Custom Screens Offers a Solution

Through the Best Custom Screens website (, you can purchase a quality Sliding Screen Door up to 96” in length and have it shipped directly to your home or apartment community.

Sliding Screen Doors are made with a .040 Roll Form Steel Channel frame available in White, Bronze, Grey and Sandstone, and fitted with a mesh Charcoal fiberglass screen. Some sizes like the White 36 x 94 are often kept in stock and can ship immediately (when in stock).


A simple Google search of a White 36 x 94 Sliding Screen Door reveals that you can pay as high as $149.00 online just for a Vinyl Screen Door. Yet, Best Custom Screens offers that size for as low as $79.99 on its website. That’s a deal worth taking advantage of!    

Problem Solved!

With Best Custom Screens offering Sliding Screen Doors up to 96” in length, at an affordable price, your 8 foot Screen Door issue is resolved! Go to and place your order online today!

Sliding Screen Doors
Frames:  Wide selection of Roll Form Aluminum or Steel, & Extruded Channels available.  
Finish: Gray, Bronze, White, Sandstone, or Mill

Screening:  Phifer fiberglass quality screening.  18x16 standard mesh colors available in charcoal or grey.  

    Window Screens 
    Custom and replacement window screens.  Many options to choose from.  Aluminum Roll Form or Extruded frames available in mill, white, bronze, gray, or tan.  Miter cut with durable metal interior corners.  Fiberglass or Aluminum Wire Screening.  Hardware,  Do It Yourself KD kits, & tools available. Re-screen & Repair available in Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley, Simi Valley, & Santa Clarita.
     Custom Security Screen Doors Security Screen Doors Made with Steel or Long Lasting Aluminum Sentry Doors.  Call or email today for free estimate. 
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    In the evenings and through the night shut off your Air Conditioner by using screening products to cross ventilate your home.  This will allow the cool nightair to circulate and cool your home.  During the day use our Sun Control Products used on the sunny side of your home will shade and reduce heat transfer.  This will help keep your home from warming up during the day, allowing the A/C to cycle less.  Do your part for the environment today, call your representative for an estimate.air to circulate and cool your home.  During the day use our Sun Screen Products used on the sunny side of your home will shade and reduce heat transfer.  This will help keep your home from warming up during the day, allowing the A/C to cycle less.  Do your part for the environment today, call your representative for an estimate. Sun Screens are Cool!Window are one of the largest sources of heat gain in your home and solar screens can play a critical role in heat reduction by blocking up to 95% of the sun's radiation from entering through the window.  Unlike films or glass coatings, solar screens can stop the sun's heat and glare before it contacts the glass.  The screening material is installed on the exterior of the window, just like like a bug screens (it covers the entire window.)Ideal shading for windows, doors, and patiosReduces your air conditioning usageMildew and fade resistantDaytime privacyExtremely DurableReduces fading of carpet, furniture, and window treatmentsBlocks glare not your viewKeeps insects our and allows proper air flow.



    Roll-Away™ retractable window screens and screen doors are designed to look good in your home while providing comfort, convenience, and freedom from flies and other insects. Sliding into their housings, they disappear, exposing the view from your windows and doors.mploying the highest quality materials with recognized engineering skill, Roll-Away™ products are easily installed and will last the lifetime of the building when properly maintained. Roll-Away™ window screens and doors enhance the beauty and dignity of a well-planned home.

    For Windows

    Roll-Away™ window coverings are custom made and are available to fit practically every type and size window. When not in use they are rolled up like a regular shade, giving an unobstructed view.

    With a complete hardware package and i
    nstructions, the typical Roll-Away™ product can be installed in minutes, not hours. Plus, it's reversible design allows for a more flexible and quality installation in your home.

    When the dual locks of the draw bar are released, our product can be easily positioned at stops every 12 inches apart. The drawbar moves freely in aluminum extruded guides and latches positively on the window sill with engineered locking mechanisms.

    When not in use, our product is concealed in an overhead housing which contains a spring, roller and bearing assembly for smooth operation.

    Roll-Away™ products are designed to provide you with complete insect protection using brush seals along the guides and draw bar, coupled with either fiberglass or long lasting bronze screening material.

    For Screen Doors 

    Prevents accidental closing when touching screen. Positive secondary lock keeps product locked from inside of house.

    Magnetic latch styles make closing simple but effective. Keeps insects out with positive full length magnetic seal.

    Engineered with a patented (no. 6.463,983) guide and installation system that keeps the door free from binding and periodic adjustment.

    Outlasts standard offerings by years. When not in use Roll-Away™ products are rolled up in the housing, away from dirt and damage.

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    We also sell Vertical Blinds for Apartments, Rentals, Condos, Houses, Businesses, Offices, & Schools.  Order online or call us for an estimate. 

     Vertical Blinds, child safe Wand operation.  One Way Draw.  Mounting hardware and standard valance included.  EZ Glide Vertical Blinds is our Self Aligning Track System.  Durable self aligning track system with gear reduction end control and clear poly carbonate stem carriers ensures years of reliability.  Great for rentals, apartments, homes, offices, commercial, and more.  Vane realignment with one turn of the wand.  Traverses very smoothly and vanes rotate 180 degrees.  Washable and easy to maintain. Standard Channel Panel Valance Included.

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