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Dive into Steve Tristan’s Best Custom Screens. A place where experience meets low priced screens and quality Screen Doors. Best Custom Screens shop is the online source for sliding screen doors & window screens. Our motivation is to keep families healthy, by providing the Best Custom Screens. We believe that by “Shielding your windows and doors” you can enjoy a bug-free, cooler home, while creating a safe living space. Our website offers screening products including sliding screen doors, window screens, screen door kits, hinged swinging screen doors, security screen doors, blinds, shades and solar screens near me.​ The business is a family-owned and operated company, originally established in 2002 in Los Angeles, California. We humbly serve our customers with our knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Experience the Best in Custom Screen Doors & Window Screens

Specially crafted for those who won’t settle for anything but the best, our product line is a stellar collection of sliding screen doors, window screens, sun screens, and retractable window screens that elevates the comfort and aesthetic of your spaces.

Explore our versatile range of screen doors, including patio screen doors and specialized screening for doors, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and style for your home. Our selection doesn’t stop there – immerse yourself in options of solar screens, designed to protect and preserve your interiors, while providing optimal light control.

Your one-stop online shop for all things screens!

Sliding Screen Doors Product Selection

Sliding Glass Door Screens

All Sliding Screen Doors from Best Custom Screens are custom made to your measurements. The Best Custom Screens Economy Sliding Screen Door, Classic Sliding Screen Door, and Heavy Duty Patio Sliding Screen Doors are made and designed with care. One of the hardest to find sliding screen doors is the 36 x 79 Economy Sliding Screen Door. Numerous frame colors are available to choose from. Exclusive Phifer screening included with the door screen.

Window Screens Product Selection

Replacement Window Screens

Mitered and square cornered window screens are available to order on our website. There are various frame sizes depending on the window manufacturers specifications. Most vinyl windows have 5/16” frames and most aluminum windows have 3/8”. Best Custom Screens home makes the majority of all common types of window screens in our factory and shop.

Hinged Screen Door Product Selection

Best Swinging Screen Doors

Swinging Screen Doors are hinged screen doors that keep out insects and pests. Ideal for front door or entry doors, side & rear laundry, exterior doors and kitchen doors. Many styles available including; Custom Model E, Cape Cod Custom, Full View, Vista Custom, Bravo, & Colonial Screen Doors. All made in Los Angeles, CA by the amazing brand Active Window Products.

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How to videos and DIY Guides

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Teaching my son how to work and to be a man - DIY with Aidan and Steve Tristan
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Al Boreland from Tool or Richard Karn from Home Improvement TV Show with Tim Allen shares message and inspiration

Steve Tristan’s Best

Our Tool Time Inspiration

Join us on a captivating journey with Richard Karn, as he pays homage to DIY enthusiast Aidan in his ‘Tool Time Salute.’ This inspiring story unfolds from a chance encounter with Tim Allen at Denny’s, leading to a whirlwind of home improvement adventures. Dive into the world where Buzz Lightyear and Santa Claus come alive through Tim Allen’s iconic roles, and discover how a starstruck moment can ignite a passion for DIY and home renovation. Click here for an adventure filled with nostalgia, inspiration, and celebrity encounters!

Dogs ask to Love Me
Screens for Pets mobile
Product image of doggy door mounted to sliding screen door
Sliding Screen Door with Doggy Door Pet Doors with Labrador

Doggy Door Mounted on a Heavy Duty Sliding Dog Screen Doors


Starting at.

Are you tired of constantly opening and closing doors for your furry friends? Our Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door with an integrated Pet Door, also known as the “Doggy Door,” offers a seamless solution to make life easier for both you and your pets. This innovative screen door adapter comes with a base price, and you can customize it further by adding a top-of-the-line Pride Pet Door, available in various sizes to accommodate pets of all shapes and sizes.

Dog Love “Cane Corso” – Happy Customer

“I’m happy my Cane Corso’s are enjoying their Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Doors with a Pet Door. Very happy today. I am pleased with quality and durability. My strong 💪 #CaneCorso won’t be able to break the new ones #canecorsolovers


Solar Screens for Hot Climates

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you experience your home? Best Custom Screens is your gateway to a world of energy efficiency, comfort, and style with our cutting-edge Solar Screens. Our Phifer Suntex Solar Screens are not just screens; they’re the key to a brighter, more cost-effective future for your home.

Why Choose Solar Screens from Best Custom Screens?

🌞 Energy Savings: Take control of your energy costs with our Solar Screens. These innovative window coverings provide effective shading for windows, doors, porches, and patios, allowing you to reduce your reliance on air conditioning and save on your energy bills.

🌟 Protection and Durability: Our Solar Screens do more than just block the sun’s rays. They shield your home from harmful UV radiation, reducing fading of your precious carpets, furniture, and window treatments. Plus, they are built to last, with exceptional durability, mildew resistance, and fade resistance, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

🕶️ Daytime Privacy and Glare Reduction: Enjoy the utmost privacy during the day without sacrificing your view. Our Solar Screens provide an effective barrier against prying eyes while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Say goodbye to annoying glare and hello to clear, comfortable living spaces.

🌬️ Natural Ventilation: Don’t compromise on fresh air and ventilation. Our Solar Screens are designed to let the cool breeze flow into your home, keeping it fresh and inviting. Plus, they act as a barrier against unwanted insects, so you can enjoy the outdoors without any pesky intruders.

🐾 Pet-Friendly: Our Solar Screens are not just designed for you; they’re pet-resistant too! Your furry friends can enjoy the view and the fresh air without causing any damage to your screens.

Elevate your living experience, enhance your home’s energy efficiency, and make a lasting investment in your comfort and savings. Best Custom Screens is your trusted partner on the journey to a more energy-efficient and stylish home. Explore the possibilities of Solar Screens today and transform your living spaces like never before!

Be cool with solar screens in las vegas and phoenix
Keyed Security Sliding Screen Door

Introducing the Custom-Crafted Aluminum Security Sliding Screen Door:

Elevate your home’s security and aesthetics with our meticulously designed Aluminum Security Sliding Screen Door, tailored to your specific size and color preferences. This door is meticulously engineered with a robust ¼” extruded aluminum grille, fortified by a substantial ½” x 3 ⅙” .060 extruded aluminum sculptured surface frame.

Not only does this door offer unparalleled durability and security, but it also seamlessly blends into your home’s aesthetic. Its high-quality craftsmanship ensures long-lasting performance, while the standard insect screening effectively keeps unwanted pests at bay while allowing refreshing breezes to invigorate your living spaces. Upgrade your home’s security and style with our Aluminum Security Sliding Screen Door today.

Sliding Screen Door Kits

Discover the ultimate solution for your home with our premium Aluminum Sliding Screen Door Kits, designed for seamless nationwide delivery across the USA. Each kit features meticulously crafted, custom-sized mitered frames, ensuring a perfect fit for your space. Our doors are constructed with high-quality Phifer fiberglass screening, offering durability and optimal air flow while keeping pests out. The BCS Sliding Screen Door Kit comes in an easy-to-assemble package, with inserted corners for quick setup. We ensure secure and efficient shipping to every corner of the United States via UPS or FedEx Ground. Plus, we provide a comprehensive assembly guide video to make installation a breeze. Elevate your home with our elegant and functional sliding screen doors, and enjoy the perfect blend of style, convenience, and quality.

Why Best Custom Screens is the Best Place to Buy Sliding Screen Doors

Honoring Quality & Faith: The Best Custom Screens Journey with Steve Tristan

Welcome to Best Custom Screens, where expertise meets spirit. Our founder, Steve Tristan, has a remarkable journey that started in a humble neighborhood in Pacoima, CA. Raised in a challenging environment, Steve’s determination and unwavering belief in the power of hard work and faith have led him to become a true expert in the world of screening products. With over 30 years of experience, Steve is not just a seller or installer; he’s a passionate advocate for quality screening products. He’s the person who DIYers turn to for guidance, contractors seek advice from, salespeople see wisdom, and manufacturers respect.

Steve Tristan in Los Angeles

Steve Tristan’s story is one of resilience and growth, but his character remains down-to-earth and approachable. His commitment to exceptional customer service, relentless pursuit of excellence, and deep faith in both God and human potential make him a sought-after contractor, entrepreneur, author, YouTube personality and an expert in all things related to screening products. At Best Custom Screens, you’re not just buying products; you’re joining a journey fueled by passion, experience, and a commitment to making your home a better place with the finest custom screening products available. Discover the difference today.

WE ARE the Experts

Best Custom Screens is where expertise meets innovation in the realm of construction and property management. We proudly position ourselves as authorities in our field, a reputation earned and reinforced over three decades of dedicated service. Our expertise has not gone unnoticed; it’s acknowledged by major construction enterprises, property management entities of apartment buildings, and numerous residential homeowners.

How can we say we are the experts? We simply are. Noted by some of the biggest construction companies, property management apartment buildings and residential home owners. With over 30 years of experience, we are being branded as the Experts literally by our customers. It also because we have Steve Tristan’s Best YouTube channel that helps many people with how to and DIY, plus more to come.

Our claim to expertise is not baseless; it’s a title bestowed upon us by our valued customers. They’ve experienced our commitment to quality and excellence firsthand, and they’ve honored us with the title of ‘The Experts’.

We also contribute to the community through Steve Tristan’s Best YouTube channel, a resource that empowers people with an array of how-to guides and DIY projects. And rest assured, we have even more enriching content in the pipeline.

When you shop with Best Custom Screens, you’re choosing a brand synonymous with top-tier quality in the United States, with nationwide shipping that ensures our products are accessible to all. BCS stands out as the premier online Screens Shop, home to the finest Sliding Screen Doors, Window Screens, Sun Screens, Retractable Window Screens, and much more. Our product range features industry-leading brands such as Active Window Products, Genius Screens, Larsen Storm Doors, and Phifer Screening, ensuring that when you choose BCS, you’re choosing the best.

Join us, and experience the unparalleled quality and expertise that make us ‘The Experts’.

Shopping on the Best Custom Screens home page you’ll get America’s top quality products that ship nationwide. BCS is the BEST Screens Shop online. Home of the Best Sliding Screen Door, Best Window Screens, Best Sun Screens, Best Retractable Window Screens, and more. Where you can find top brands like Active Window Products, Genius Screens, Larsen Storm Doors, Phifer Screening and more.

Brands We Carry

Humbly housing top-tier brands such as Active Window Products, Genius Screens, Larsen Storm Doors, and Phifer Screening, BCS stands unwaveringly as America’s BEST Screens Shop, shipping top-quality products nationwide. Because with Best Custom Screens, you’re not just purchasing a product, you’re investing in a shield that guarantees to safeguard your moments from pests and elements.

Adding Phifer Pet Screen to your screen doors or window screens stand up against your animals and the elements. Made from pet-safe materials, Phifer pet screens are able to withstand clawing and pawing from the most excitable cats and dogs. These tear resistant screens keep bugs and prevent wild animals like squirrels and raccoons from getting in.

Made in the USA

All of our screening products are assembled right here in the United State of America. We are honored to American’s and we keep family values right in our business.

Nationwide Shipping

Our various locations allows us to ship nationwide. We ship fully assembled screen doors & window screens as well as screen door kits and window coverings right to your door.

Quality Products & Packaging

We strive to have the best quality product available in the market, as well as to have the type of durable packaging that will get delivered without damage. It’s unheard of in our industry to ship fully assembled sliding screen doors, but Best Custom Screen does it right.

Brands We Carry

Check out the Brands We Carry

Explore a World of Quality and Innovation at BestCustomScreens.com, where we proudly offer an elite selection of brands that set the standard in home improvement. Our carefully curated collection includes industry leaders like Active Window Products, RLang, Security Boss, Phifer, Rite Screen, Metro Screens, and more, each renowned for their excellence and reliability. Whether you’re in search of top-tier window screening solutions, cutting-edge security enhancements, or premium screening materials, our range of brands caters to every need. At BestCustomScreens.com, we are committed to providing you with the best products in the market, ensuring your home is equipped with durability, style, and the latest in screen technology. Shop with us and experience the difference that quality brands can make in your home improvement journey.

Los Angeles Brand Logos

Made in the USA

Experience American Craftsmanship with Nationwide Reach at BestCustomScreens.com. We take immense pride in offering products that are meticulously assembled in the USA, ensuring superior quality and craftsmanship in every item. Our commitment to American-made excellence is reflected in our diverse range of window screens, screen doors, and home improvement accessories. With our nationwide shipping capabilities, we bring the best of American manufacturing straight to your doorstep, no matter where you are in the United States. Choose BestCustomScreens.com for products that not only enhance your home but also support domestic craftsmanship and quality. Trust in our tradition of American assembly and enjoy the convenience of nationwide delivery for all your home screening needs.

Nationwide Shipping Location from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Dallas.

Areas We Provide Measuring & Installation

BestCustomScreens.com offers professional measuring and installation services for screens, screen doors, solar screens, window screens, sliding and swinging screen doors, as well as repair and rescreening in various counties across Southern California and Las Vegas, NV. Our service areas include:

  1. Los Angeles County, CA
  2. Acton, CA
  3. Encino, CA
  4. Riverside County, CA
  5. San Bernardino County, CA
  6. Ventura County, CA
  7. Orange County, CA
  8. Las Vegas, NV

Whether you need to upgrade your window screens, replace a damaged screen door, or install solar screens for energy efficiency, BestCustomScreens.com is dedicated to delivering top-notch services to residents and businesses in these regions.

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Your Home Protects You. We Help Protect It.

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the spot on the map that’s uniquely yours. It’s your little oasis of joy amid the chaos of modern life. It shelters you from the storms and provides a safe place for your family to flourish.
At Best Custom Screens Shop, we help your home provide the very best protection it can. We build high-quality door and window screens that offer premium performance at an affordable price. Doesn’t your family deserve the best?

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You Can Do It Yourself, And We Can Help

We love the weekend warriors. The do-it-yourselfers. We built our business that way, and we cater to the consumer that wants to save money by purchasing quality products and then doing the installation themselves.
That’s why we’ve designed our products to be easy for the handymen & DIY hands on people to install themselves. Our window and door screens arrive fully assembled along with clear instructions, helpful measuring guides, and all the hardware you’ll need which makes them easy to install. Besides where else can you find solar screens near me?

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