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Blog » 10 Things I Learned While Driving on a long delivery route in California With A Company Van

10 Things I Learned While Driving on a long delivery route in California With A Company Van

On the road you see the most bizarre things – Traveling in an office van.

Here’s what I learned while driving with a company van.
My two day trip started in Los Angeles and took me up through the central valley into Sacramento and over into the Bay area. The drive between Elk Grove and Walnut Creek was absolutely beautiful. There were the waterways that would bring ships into areas like Stockton. Along these wonderful rivers or brackish waterways are farms with crops lined up on either side of the road. At one point I saw a crop duster plane flying right over me. It was an exhilarating experience to see that cool old airplane flying overhead. Check it out on this video short.

  1. You’ll get dirty.
    getting stinky. The road if your windows are down really allows the road grime to settle right onto your skin and clothes. Even if your windows are up, that road dust or oils comes right in through the vents of your air conditioning. The biggest thing I learned is that most trucker travel gas stations have showers like Loves truck centers. They are open to all drivers. Take advantage of it and don’t come home stinking like a skunk.
  2. You’ll get tired.
    It’s not easy being a driver. We’re constantly on the go, driving from one place to another. Sometimes we’re driving for hours at a time. That means we need to keep our energy up. If we’re tired, we won’t be able to do our job well.
  3. You’ll learn how to drive like a pro.
    • Putting miles on the road gives you more experience in how to drive. You may be put in situations that require you to double park or drive through a roundabout. I have seen some crazy things out there on the road.
    • Here are some tips to help you stay awake while driving.
      • Keep hydrated. Drink water throughout the day.
      • Eat healthy snacks. Try eating something with protein and carbs before you start driving.
      • Take breaks. Get out of the car every hour or so to stretch your legs and walk around.
  4. Peacocks crossing the road.
    Will will be surprised seeing the peacock crossing roads. You may see them all your driving time on the streets and intersections of Arcadia but even on driveways.
  5. You’ll meet some interesting people.
    Today I had the opportunity to meet a crazy and almost homeless looking guy named Slick Vic. He was a guy parked at the gas station and he looked a little odd.
  6. In Temecula, ducks have the right-of-way when crossing Rancho California St. Bizarre!!!!
  7. In Norco, noise from your vehicle’s sound system cannot be heard outside the car. Pin it in your mind!!!
  8. If you are a foodie, CA road trip is going to be amazing for you. Read on for great California gas stations, listed south to north, where you can fill much more than your gas tank.
  9. There’s nothing more boring than sitting in a car for hours at a time. It’s also not very safe. So when you’re driving, try to keep yourself entertained by listening to music, reading a book, or talking to other drivers.
    • Don’t text and drive. If you need to send an email, use your phone’s voice recognition feature instead.
    • Avoid distractions. Turn off your cell phone, put away your maps, and turn down the radio.
    • Be aware of your surroundings. Look up frequently to check what’s going on outside.
  10. Last but not least: It’s a great place to pray the Rosary
    If I am driving long trips like this then there is plenty of time to pray. I even pray the Rosary when I am driving my kids to school or when I know I am going to be in the car for more than 20 minutes.

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