January 2019

Wildlife enthusiast

Company founder feeds Lion in Las Vegas

Lion is fed by Juanita Tristan

Juanita Tristan one of the companies founders feeding a Lion at the Lion Habitat Ranch in Las Vegas, NV. We are excited for Juanita, because she loves animals so much.  She felt an adrenaline rush while feeding the male lion.  Just listen to him grunting and pretty much telling us who is the boss.  

Make Your Home Safe

Make Your Home Safe While Getting The Most Out Of What You Pay For.

Make your home safe while getting the most out of what you pay for. We often feel anxiety about our home safety while we are at office, on a business trip or even on a tropical vacation. Knowing that everything is safe back at home brings us peace in mind. Before going to a vacation or to a business trip we always should follow some safety tips, e,g; request someone specially the neighbors to keep an eye on your house, unplugging electronics, ensure security system is working and of course not do a announcement to publicly regarding your vacation.

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