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Best Tape Measure Review. Secret Unveiled.

Tape Measure Comparison

The best tape measure reviewed. Tricks and tips how to choose the best one.

Tape Measure a very significant and historic invention was done in Sheffield, England.  James Chesterman first patented the spring tape measure in the year of 1829. His tape measure was the first one which had marked measurements

In the evolution of time it has become more handy and user friendly. Yet we do have a lot of questions when we go to buy a tape measure for our day to day use.

Steve Tristan, the Director of Operations at answered all the important questions regarding tape measure. He used Stanley Fatmax, Klein Tools tape measure and Komelon Contractor TS magnetic wide blade to determine the most accurate tape measure. The readability of the tape measure is the foremost thing to consider. Steve compared the 3 different tape measures to determine longest standout of the tape measures.

#1 Best Tape Measure Comparison - 25 Foot review. Which one is my new favorite?
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Shielding your windows and doors - Best Custom Screens

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Top 7 reasons to upgrade to solar screens that ensure the energy efficiency of home.

Beat the heat this summer!!! Save the earth by reducing the usage of air conditioner additionally make your home remarkably aesthetic. Solar Screens stands out to serve the most to your home upgradation.

Summer is knocking at the door while most of the property owners are looking for a solution to minimize the electricity bills in a convenient way. Today’s architectural designs are trying to enable more natural light and air flow in the house with patio doors and windows.  Our todays effort is to inform the home owners, contractors, apartment owners about solar screens and its benefits.

Solar Screen is a special type of mesh or screen that resists the sun ray entering your home.  This special type of mesh/screens are being used in window panels and patio screen doors.

So lets dive into the world of Solar Screens..

Below are the top seven benefits of installing  solar screens at your window and patio.

1. Reduce electricity bill:

Solar Screens are very effective to control electricity bills. It reduces almost 10% to 15% electricity bill annually and a significant percentage of 20% to 25% during the summer.  While we purchase various home appliances that consumes less electricity then why not installing sun screens.

2. Block UV rays:

During the Spring and the Summer UV rays are most strong.  We all take essential care to avoid from sun or UV rays in both the season as we all know that UV rays increases the risk of skin cancer. While going out we take several measure to avoid UV rays like sunscreen lotions, wearing full sleeve shirts etc. But what we never consider is the Sun gives the same ray at our home too. Using sun screen shades can help us to keep away from sun glares.

3. Keeps the furniture and curtains from fading:

Every year we spend enormous to remodel our home by purchasing new curtains and polishing furniture.  Sun rays play the key role for fading furniture and fabric deterioration.  Sun screens or Solar screens keep out the sun in the first place and keeps your furniture and fabric from fading for years.

4. Environment Friendly:

We all want to keep the environment clean and green but on the other hand use air conditioner all day long at home and office which emits CFC or Chlorofluorocarbons. Chlorofluorocarbons destroy the ozone layer of the earth and make our environment uninhabitable. Solar screens naturally decrease the heat inside the home and make the home cooler subsequently we can reduce the use of air conditioner and cooler.

5. Tough and long lasting:

Suntex  solar screens are made to last. Best Custom Screens uses  solar screens made in the United States by Phifer that gives the durability for 10 to 15 years or more.

6. Serves as same as other insect screens:  

solar screens serves as same as other insect screens.  It maintains the view and airflow while keeping the dust, pests and insects out from home.

7. Easy to clean:

Most of the time there is a chance to rip the screen off when we clean the window screens or screen doors. Solar screen are extra tough so the cleaning job become easier as you don’t have to worry about if it tearing off during the wash.

Learn how to measure window screens.

How to measure window screens
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Shielding your windows and doors - Best Custom Screens

See how Steve Tristan explains how to measure a window screen, while realizing the window frame is damaged.

Window damaged measure screens
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Shielding your windows and doors - Best Custom Screens