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36 Steps on how to install French Screen Doors

36 Steps on how to install French Screen Doors

Instructions on how to install double French screen doors

Steve Tristan shows us how to install two swinging screen doors or french door screens with the french door kit. Easy enough for a handyman or do it yourselfer to do, as long as you have the right tools for the job. See below for list of required tools.

Here is the list of 36 steps

  1. Open the Package and remove strapping
  2. Measure the left and right hand height of your door opening
  3. Mark your measurement on the adjusting channel(s)
  4. Using a chop saw or hacksaw cut to size the Extruded Hinge Adjustment channel with 3 steel hinges for both sides.
  5. Center the Extruded Channel so that it does not rub on the top or bottom.  If it does not fit then trim more off to get the correct size.
  6. Insert the Swinging Screen Door into the Extruded Channel on each side. Be sure to set up towards the top and allow for a small gap at the bottom. 
  7. Adjust and align both sides so that they fit and allow approximately 1/8” to 3/16” gap in the center to allow for the astragal to be installed
  8. Measure the center height of the two doors
  9. From the French Door Kit, cut the Astragal aka “h” channel to your measurement
  10. Mount the Astragal to the door that will be latched / locked in place. Be sure it is aligned at the top and bottom of the screen door.
  11. Using your cordless driver and phillips bit, Install a ¼” self tapping phillip screws onto the Extruded Hing Adjustment Channel so that it does not move.
  12. Measure the bottom width of each screen door for Bottom Adjusting Channel with Weather Strip. (watch How to install french screen doors for details)
  13. Mark your measurement on each of the adjusting channels
  14. Pull back the weather strip / bug seal past your mark, so that you do not cut the vinyl seal. 
  15. Using your chop saw or hack saw cut the adjusting channel
  16. Slide weather strip back in place and trim using scissors or a utility knife
  17. Slide bottom adjusting channel onto the bottom frame of the screen door
  18. If the bottom door frame rubs with the bottom bug seal / weather strip to where it doesn’t close.  Then trim the weather strip / bug seal using a utility knife.
  19. Using your cordless driver and phillips bit, Install a ¼” self tapping phillip screws onto the Bottom Adjusting Channel.
  20. Find the French Door Strike Plate and installation guide to install the strike plate
  21. Verify if strike plate is configured for your fixed side screen door
  22. Turn around the strike plate if needed but removing the two screws and flipping it around. Reinstall the screws.
  23. Determine where to mounting strike plate. Be sure that it is 4 to 8 inches above door handle.
  24. Use self tapping screws and cordless driver to install at the edge of the fixed door
  25. Use the latch installation guide by aligning it with the strike plate.  Using masking tape attach to the screen door that swings.
  26. With the cordless drill and 5/16” drill bit, start drilling the center hole all the way through.  Be sure to keep the drill level / straight.
  27. With the cordless drill and ¼” drill bit, drill two holes top and bottom as well.
  28. Mount the pull handles together and screw on using machine screws.  Use a phillips screw drive to tighten. Do NOT use the cordless driver as you can strip the screws.
  29. Mount the Surface Locks onto the bottom and top of the fixed screen door. You will need to predrill with 1/8” drill bit because these screws are standard heavy metal screws.
  30. Install two screws on each surface lock.
  31. Using your carpenters pencil mark around the lock pin. 
  32. Using the 5/16” drill bit, drill a hold into the bottom and top door frame to allow the pin from the surface lock to go into the metal, vinyl or wood door frame.
  33. Install the door closer.  Instructions are included in the box.
  34. Depending on which side your door is on, mount the bracket to the right or left side of the top of the door frame.
  35. Attached the door closer and insert the pin through the hole. Use pair of needle nose pliers or flat head screw driver.
  36. Mount the return screen door bracket to the top frame of the screen door and attach the pin

Wow you are finished! Congratulations on a job well done!

Video instructions

Watch this video on how to install French screen doors onto your beautiful existing french doors. Watch Steve show you in great detail step-by-step nearly 100 steps on how to install these beautiful beautiful screen doors.

The French door kit includes:

H Channel that matches the color of your swinging screen doors.

Two surface locks with screws to install.

French Door Strike Plate – it’s configured to mount to the fixed French Screen Door.

Please note that French Screen Doors are made the same way your french doors are designed. There is one swinging screen door that remains fixed or locked in place but can be opened. The other screen door swings open and closes. It’s the same way that your existing french doors operate.

Required Tools for the job

Whether you are installing Screen Doors, Window Screens, Blinds or Shades, you’ll need the following list of recommended tools

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