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5 steps on how to clean window screens

5 steps on how to clean window screens

Learn how to clean window screens using the Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner

Remember how good your screens looked when they were new?

Now like magic they can look that good again without washing or scrubbing. The Screen Magic formula returns your window screens like new in minutes. It also repels dust and UV ray keeping your screens looking like new. You only need to spray it on and you’re done. No Scrubbing! No Streaks! It’s like magic in a bottle!

5 Steps on How to clean your window screens, using this magical cleaner

  1. Carefully remove the window screen from the window channel. You do NOT need to rinse screen with water before applying Screen Magic. If you do rinse them first, then be sure to let them dry before applying Screen Magic.
  2. Shake bottle well and use Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner plus a towel or clean rag. “Do not spray over cement or near stucco” Adjust nozzle to widest spray setting. Hold the sprayer 14 inches away from the window screen. Spray the screening material, frames on both side of the window screens with the Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner thoroughly.
  3. Let sit for a few minutes to allow cleaner to start working at cleaning away dirt.
  4. Wipe excess off the window screen frames first then the screening material on both sides. “Hint: For a more even finish us a microfiber rag to wipe the front and back of screen after applying the screen cleaner.”
  5. Reinstall window screen.

How Does Screen Magic Work?

The Screen Magic destroys dust because of the special formula of emulsions, UV inhibitors, glossing agents, and dust repellents. The dust particles are organically dissolved making the screens look brand new. The dust repellents help to keep them looking fresh.

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The amazing Screen Magic can be used on all types of screens. Fiberglass bug screening, sliding screen doors, window screens and solar window screens. Restores them and brings back the vibrant color of the solar screen too. Plus you will not need to bring out the soaps and brushes. Instead of wasting your time on scrubbing screens and possibly damaging them. Be sure to use Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner.

You don’t even need to rinse off the screens with water. Simply remove the screen, spray it with Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner and then reinstall it. The screens will automatically look like new.

Where can I buy Screen Magic Window Screens Cleaner?

Well right here directly on the website at

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Instructions on How to Clean Green Mold Off of Window Screens

5 Step on how to clean green mold on window screens.

Screen Magic works great on cleaning green mold but it does need a little more care then normal screens with dust.

 1.  Use a dry brush or a microfiber rag to brush off the heavy debris.

 2.  Please follow the directions on the bottle for protecting surrounding surfaces. Do not spray near concrete or stucco.

 3.  Then spray the Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner vigorously until it builds up and turns a white color.

 4.  Use a your trusty micro fiber towel and wipe down the window screen.  Be cautious not to apply pressure on the screening material because you could loosen it from the window screen frame. 

 5.  For heavy green mold: Repeat the steps one to a few times more.  Green mold eventually will grow back. This is not a permanent solution.

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