Isa Tristan

Isa Tristan is a performer. She is a Singer, Song Writer, Piano, & Gives Private Lessons. She sings solo at many churches but spends most of her Sunday's for mass at Saint Ferdinand & Santa Rosa Catholic Churches in San Fernando. She has trained a Damascus Worship in Columbus, Ohio and a part of the Stone to Flesh Ministry. Isa is for hire at Weddings & Quinceneras. Plus private lessons for children and teens are open to sign up. Catholic Worship.

Blind cord kill

Window Coverings Are NOT Supposed To Be Dangerous!

Window Coverings Are NOT Supposed To Be Dangerous!

However, many Window Coverings are.

Window coverings were primarily designed to be a benefit to a household’s living conditions! They create privacy, block heat, and even are used as an aesthetic addition to the look of one’s home.

So, they were not meant to be a danger to children and pets! Even so, many window treatments were once manufactured to include a cord or chain loop. These materials have become a hazard that can potentially cause a nightmare scenario.

Company employees blue shirt Best Custom Screens mission trip

Company celebrates 15 year anniversary

Best Custom Screens Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

Best Custom Screens Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary. The month of June has come along and many people are about ready to slide into their bathing suits and jump into the pool! It’s an exciting month and the start of a great summer! So how does Best Custom Screens kick off this great season with a bang? Let’s find out how Best Custom Screens Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary.

On June 1st, Best Custom Screens generally celebrates their Company Anniversary with a lunch or dinner. But, this past week from June 1st to 3rd they celebrated their 15 year Company Anniversary with a more exciting approach! Director of Operations, Steve Tristan, had the idea to take key staff out on a special trip. Given that Steve is a strong believer of a compatible, healthy work environment it only serves the company right if the trip included activities to encourage team bonding and team building.

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