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Isa Tristan

Isa Tristan is a performer. She is a Singer, Song Writer, Piano, & Gives Private Lessons. She sings solo at many churches but spends most of her Sunday's for mass at Saint Ferdinand & Santa Rosa Catholic Churches in San Fernando. She has trained a Damascus Worship in Columbus, Ohio and a part of the Stone to Flesh Ministry. Isa Tristan – Spokesperson & Blogger at Best Custom Screens Isa Tristan is not just the face you recognize from our popular "How-To" video series, where she expertly guides you through the ins and outs of measuring and installing sliding screen doors; she is a beacon of creativity and inspiration both on and off the screen. As our esteemed Spokesperson and Blogger, Isa brings a wealth of knowledge, charisma, and enthusiasm to the Best Custom Screens family, making DIY projects accessible and enjoyable for everyone. With a vibrant background that spans across music, acting, and dance, Isa's artistic talents illuminate her presentations, making even the most technical instructions engaging and memorable. Her ability to convey complex information in an easy-to-understand manner has not only helped countless homeowners in their DIY endeavors but has also made her a beloved figure among our community. Beyond her role at Best Custom Screens, Isa is deeply passionate about education and the arts. As a dedicated music teacher for elementary school children, she nurtures the next generation of artists, instilling in them a love for creativity and self-expression. Isa's commitment to her craft and her students is a testament to her belief in the transformative power of the arts in shaping young minds. Isa's influence extends into her motivational talks, where she addresses both kids and adults on the topic of faith, offering guidance and support through her uplifting messages and personal experiences. Her ability to connect with people from all walks of life, coupled with her genuine desire to make a positive impact, makes her an invaluable asset to our team and the communities she serves. At Best Custom Screens, we are proud to have Isa Tristan as a part of our family. Her multifaceted expertise, dynamic personality, and unwavering dedication to making a difference both in the DIY world and beyond are what make her truly exceptional. Join Isa in our next how-to video and experience the joy of learning and creating with one of the best in the field. Isa is for hire at Weddings & Quinceneras. Plus private lessons for children and teens are open to sign up. Catholic Worship.

We love Corgis

Meet our Pets

We love animals.  In my lifetime we have owned many dogs and some cats.  We cannot get enough of them.  We love our pets because they are truly a part of the family.Read More »Meet Our Pets

Meet Our Pets

Blind cord kill

Window Coverings Are NOT Supposed To Be Dangerous!

However, many Window Coverings are.

Window coverings were primarily designed to be a benefit to a household’s living conditions! They create privacy, block heat, and even are used as an aesthetic addition to the look of one’s home.

So, they were not meant to be a danger to children and pets! Even so, many window treatments were once manufactured to include a cord or chain loop. These materials have become a hazard that can potentially cause a nightmare scenario. Read More »Window Coverings Are NOT Supposed To Be Dangerous!

Window Coverings Are NOT Supposed To Be Dangerous!

Company employees blue shirt Best Custom Screens mission trip

15 years long journey, more to go!!!

Best Custom Screens Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary. The month of June has come along and many people are about ready to slide into their bathing suits and jump into the pool! It’s an exciting month and the start of a great summer! So how does Best Custom Screens kick off this great season with a bang? Let’s find out how Best Custom Screens Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary.

On June 1st, Best Custom Screens generally celebrates their Company Anniversary with a lunch or dinner. But, this past week from June 1st to 3rd they celebrated their 15 year Company Anniversary with a more exciting approach! Director of Operations, Steve Tristan, had the idea to take key staff out on a special trip. Given that Steve is a strong believer of a compatible, healthy work environment it only serves the company right if the trip included activities to encourage team bonding and team building.Read More »Company celebrates 15 year anniversary

Company celebrates 15 year anniversary

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