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Mr. Kaiyum Ahmed is an International Operations Administrator, Virtual Staff Manager, and Online Marketing Manager at Best Custom Screens. He lives in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He is a fitness freak, energetic person who hopes to be a part of a new startup business one day. He has chosen to telecommute his work to avoid the day to day commute to an office. He appreciates the added time he can spends with his family and fitness, rather than spending two hours of daily commuting. Starting his career as a freelancer in a 3rd world country and a strict eastern culture is not easy. People surrounding him never encouraged him for this type of career. They always suggested a conventional office job an now with covid he is one step ahead of everyone else.


How do I improve the air in my home?

In very subconscious mind we often think that outdoor air pollution can impact our health. Outside weather, the ground, waterways come first into our mind when we think about pollution. But indoor air pollution cause severe and significant health hazard. Indoor air pollution level is two to five time – sometimes hundred times higher. A survey shown that most people spend almost 90% of their time indoors.Read More »Improving Indoor air quality.

Improving Indoor air quality.

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Shop is closed & order online Our offices and call center is closed today for Good Friday. We will return on Monday. If you need to place an order please visit and if you have any questions please email us at . Thank you and God… Read More »Good Friday

Good Friday

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Spring clean Windows

Spring is the season for Screens! 

Today is the first day of spring in the year 3/20/2021. Steve Tristan in Columbus Ohio shares his thoughts on spring time and how beautiful it is outside. It’s time to start that spring cleaning and get some new window screens, screen doors, and blinds.

All the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the eggs are hatching this spring.

The amount of rain this year brought California out of drought.  The state had been in a serious drought since 2011.   snow packed Mountains, as well as the lakes, rivers and reservoirs are flowing massive amounts of water.

In addition, California wildflowers are in super bloom, including the well know poppy because of the increased amount of rain.  Golden poppies have started blanketing the Antelope Valley, near our shop in Acton.Read More »Spring is the season for Screens!

Spring is the season for Screens!

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Aluma-lub can

Alum-A-Lub is the Best Lubricant for Sliding Screen Door Tracks

Sliding screen doors look splendid and keep the interior bug-free and dust-free as well. But they are so annoying
when we have difficulties to slide them smoothly. Being in this business for over 30 years we often hear from
our customers regarding this issue. Today we will try to sort out the problem.Read More »Best Lubricant For Stubborn Sliding Door Track

Best Lubricant For Stubborn Sliding Door Track

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Wildlife enthusiast

Lion is fed by Juanita Tristan

Juanita Tristan, one of the companies founders, fed a Lion at the Lion Habitat Ranch in Las Vegas, NV. This was an amazing experience for her! She loves animals so much and says that feeding the lion was exhilarating. As she went to feed the male lion, he roared with a sound that was deafening. It echoed all throughout the habitat and into the ears of all those who were near. Given that Juanita was so close to the lion, she felt his roar all throughout her body, even down to her bones. It resonated so well with her that she will never forget the experience and wishes to feed the lion again.

Continue reading to watch the video of the Lion being fed.

Read More »Company founder feeds Lion in Las Vegas

Company founder feeds Lion in Las Vegas

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Make Your Home Safe While Getting The Most Out Of What You Pay For.

Make your home safe while getting the most out of what you pay for. We often feel anxiety about our home safety while we are at office, on a business trip or even on a tropical vacation. Knowing that everything is safe back at home brings us peace in mind. Before going to a vacation or to a business trip we always should follow some safety tips, e,g; request someone specially the neighbors to keep an eye on your house, unplugging electronics, ensure security system is working and of course not do a announcement to publicly regarding your vacation.Read More »Make Your Home Safe

Make Your Home Safe

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What do you fear most??

What do you fear most?? Monsters, Ghosts or Mosquitoes???

It’s the time of ghosts and ghouls and all scary things, maybe things are missing or possibly moving around? Strange noises that you just can’t explain?
Do you believe in them or have any ghost stories to tell?Read More »What do you fear most??

What do you fear most??

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rip in screen

Rescreen instead of replacing a screen door or window

We observed some of our valued customers are replacing door and window screens too frequently. We tried to discover the reason of replacing screen doors and window screens to audit our production department and installation team, to see if there is anything we can do to help the life span of screens.  Read More »Rescreen instead of replacing a screen door or window screens

Rescreen instead of replacing a screen door or window screens

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Replace vertical blind vanes slat

Tip of the week

Vertical blinds are designed to provide you with fresh air and sun in your house. They are usually installed via brackets, from which they are hung using string or rope. Sometimes, the strings can break or the headrail may get bent or damaged, thus rendering them harder to use. It is possible to fix such vertical blinds without replacing them with a new set for a long time. But sometimes, they get jammed and then it becomes a huge problem for you. There is no need to worry if this happens to you. In this article, I am going to tell you how to solve the common issues of vertical blinds and how you can do the maintenance task by yourself.

Annoyed for jammed vertical blinds? Good news — here is your blindandscreen fix tips!!.Read More »TIP OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!


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