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Steve Tristan is an entrepreneur, director of operations, and marketing professional. He is the founder of Best Custom Screens,, JT Blinds, and Best Install Team. Who is Steve Tristan? Renowned Blinds and Screens Expert Is Here to Help Steve Tristan has been selling, installing, and evangelizing the importance of quality blinds, window coverings, and screens for over 30 years. His expertise extends to every facet of the industry, and he’s regularly approached for advice from DIYers, contractors, salespeople, manufacturers, and everyone in between. In short, Steve knows his stuff. But while his businesses continue to grow, his head does not. He’s still the same approachable, down-to-earth guy he was as a young installer trainee. Today, his commitment to customer service, dedication to excellence, and his abiding faith in God and human potential make him a highly sought-after contractor, entrepreneur, author, and window coverings and screening expert.

kleintools tape measure review

Klein Tools Tape Measure Review

Tape measure is a very common tool in our everyday life. This tool is used by almost every professional of every industry. From spaceship designer to automobile engineer, civil engineer to plumber, carpenter, handyman, fashion designer, interior designer, tailors there are so many to list who are using this very essential tool. This tool even plays an essential role in our family life as well. Being in the Home and Garden industry for over 3 decades we never spent a single day without using tape measure. Now the tape measure is omnipresent even showing up in a form of key chain. Our installers and production guys have been taking measurement of sliding screen door, window screens, shades, blinds everyday by this tool and can identify different feature and characteristics of tape measure manufactures by different companies.

What's so important about French Screen Doors?

How French Screen Doors Connect You to What’s Important

A door is more than just a door, especially when it’s a Best Custom Screens french screen door. Screen doors help keep the outside out without cutting us off from our communities. Imagine relaxing on your couch, the sounds drifting in of neighborhood children laughing and neighbors happily chatting, reminding you that you’re not alone. …

How French Screen Doors Connect You to What’s Important Read More »

Steve Tristan Get Free Job Referrals pic for youtube

How to get handyman jobs

Do you know the most important part of being a handyman?  It’s not all about your skills with various tools. The real key to getting jobs is by networking and advertising yourself as much as possible. This blog post will help show you how to get the best handyman jobs that are just waiting for someone like you. Learn how to get handyman jobs by watching the video below.

COVID-19 Pandemic

10 Ways to Fight Boredom During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Corona Virus Epidemic Self Quarantine at Home

We live in unprecedented times. Not since the
1918 Spanish Flu pandemic has our country been faced with such difficult
decisions. I’m proud of our ability to come together to protect the most
vulnerable among us.

For instance, I started my first company nearly 20 years ago with a vision of improving people’s homes and their lives. Meanwhile we continue that tradition with Best Custom Screens & Blinds today, and we’re happy to do our part in this difficult time. 

So, you’re stuck at home. If you have kids, they’re stuck at home, too. Trying to keep everyone occupied can be a challenge. But you don’t have to give in to boredom. You don’t need to let sadness or fear rule your lives or home.

Welcome Your Guests this Holiday Season with an Inviting Screen Door

This Holiday Season Welcome Your Guests with an Inviting Screen Door

The holidays are nearly upon us! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Christmas, Hannukah, and the rest are marching quickly up the calendar.

You can already feel the holiday cheer in the air along with the gentle nip that fall brings. If you’re lucky enough to have quality window screens and screen doors, you can open your home to enjoy the fresh autumn air and hear the happy shouts of neighborhood kids giddy with excitement for turkey and presents.

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