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Blog » Company celebrates 15 year anniversary

Company celebrates 15 year anniversary

15 years long journey, more to go!!!

Best Custom Screens Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary. The month of June has come along and many people are about ready to slide into their bathing suits and jump into the pool! It’s an exciting month and the start of a great summer! So how does Best Custom Screens kick off this great season with a bang? Let’s find out how Best Custom Screens Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary.

On June 1st, Best Custom Screens generally celebrates their Company Anniversary with a lunch or dinner. But, this past week from June 1st to 3rd they celebrated their 15 year Company Anniversary with a more exciting approach! Director of Operations, Steve Tristan, had the idea to take key staff out on a special trip. Given that Steve is a strong believer of a compatible, healthy work environment it only serves the company right if the trip included activities to encourage team bonding and team building.

Team Bonding and Team Building

For example, in Santa Barbara, staff members played card games, and laughed with each other while waiting for lunch. Not only this but as the days grew exciting there were also chances for employees to relax. Heading to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden created an atmosphere of peace. Each person helped each other trek through the forest as they enjoyed a great time. The President of Best Custom Screens, Angel Tristan, was even seen assisting another staff member across a river.

Furthermore, staff members connected to each other on a deeper level by visiting Mission La Purisima. They learned that Native American girls were taken from their homes at the age of 11+ to learn to become good housewives, but the priests didn’t do it out of spite. In truth, Catholic Spanish Priests thought they were helping these little girls. Yet, such

girls were sleeping on wooden floors with only 1 blanket for each year they stayed there. Best Custom Screen’s members collectively understood the children’s grief.

In contrast from the gloomy mood of the Mission their personnel headed to the Danish Capital of America, Solvang. This cheery city is filled with sweets, chocolate, and tons of fun experiences! Deciding to be daring, all staff members on this trip decided to go Surrey biking. What are surrey bikes? They are bikes that look like mini golf carts but instead of purely driving on gas it’s moved by the members who peddle it! To make things more interesting these members decided to race each other. It was filled with excitement, laughter, and even pain as members dropped hats and even phones while pedaling for an hour!

We Treat Our Staff and You

In essence, Best Custom Screens knows how to give their staff a good time! They even went to Ostrich land to feed ostriches & emus and stayed at the Chumash Casino Resort to go gambling & swimming. A company that knows how to treat it’s employees right sure knows how to treat you right. This summer don’t forget to contact Best Custom Screens. The company that shields your windows and doors from harmful sun rays and disease carrying insects.

To find out more about the adventures Best Custom Screens’ Staff enjoyed watch the videos below! We thank you for your business and time! This was how Best Custom Screens Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary.

Santa Barbara, Moby Dick Restaurant, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

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