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Blog » Best Lubricant For Stubborn Sliding Door Track in 2024

Best Lubricant For Stubborn Sliding Door Track in 2024

  • Kaiyum 

The Best Lubricants for Stubborn Sliding Door Tracks

A sliding door track is an essential component of a sliding door system. It allows the door to slide smoothly without binding or catching on the tracks. However, if the tracks have been neglected over time, they may require lubrication. The best way to keep sliding doors in good working order in 2024 is to regularly apply lubricant to the tracks. This will ensure that the door slides smoothly and easily.

Sliders from the exterior

Here’s how to choose the best lubricant for your tracks.

There are several different types of lubricants available for use with sliding door tracks. These include silicone oil, grease, wax, and soap. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Silicone oil is one of the most popular lubricants used by homeowners because it provides excellent performance and lasts longer than other types of lubricants. However, it requires regular maintenance to prevent clogging. Grease is another common choice among homeowners.

It works well as a lubricant and also helps reduce friction between the door and the tracks. However, grease tends to dry out quickly, so it must be applied frequently.

Wax is another option for lubricating sliding door tracks. Waxes are easy to apply and provide a protective coating that prevents dirt and debris from sticking to the tracks. They also help protect against corrosion. However, waxes tend to wear off quickly.

Pulling a sliding glass door easliy

Choose the Right Type of Lubricant.

If you choose to lubricate your sliding door tracks, make sure you select the right type of lubricant. You should consider the following when choosing a lubricant:

  • How often will you need to lubricate the tracks?
  • What kind of environment do you live in?
  • Will you be using the lubricant outdoors or indoors?
  • Do you plan to clean up any excess lubricant after application?
  • Is there anything else you should know before applying lubricant to your tracks?

Apply it Properly.

There are two main ways to apply lubricant to a sliding door track. One me

Alum-A-Lub is the Best Lubricant for Sliding Screen Door Tracks

Sliding screen doors look splendid and keep the interior bug-free and dust-free as well. But they are so annoying
when we have difficulties sliding them smoothly. Being in this business for over 30 years we often hear from
our customers regarding this issue. Today we will try to sort out the problem. This is how to find the best sliding door lubricant for your slide.

Why Sliding Door Malfunction??

There are so many issues that make the door prone to coming off. Lack of maintenance is the major thing. We always
should clean the track, make sure the screws and other parts are assembled tight.

Rollers are the main part responsible for stuck doors. Try adjusting the roller assemblies, most of the time they wear down. If rollers
are not working anymore replace them instead of replacing the whole screen door.

If all the above steps are verified then lubrication is the next thing to be fixed..

After troubleshooting every aspect above if you see the screen door is not moving smoothly it’s because of lubrication. Most of the time the track and the wheel bearing get dry.

Now when it comes to lubricating screen door tracks we get confused about which lubricant should be used. So many options are there to choose from e,g; WD40, Silicone Spray, Grease, etc. All those variations make us confused about which should we go with. Which is the best lubricant for sliding glass doors?

Working on sliding glass door


WD40 comes into our mind most of the time to fix stuck doors. But the reality is WD40 is not a lubricant, it’s very good for cleaning metal parts or tools and protecting from rust as well. Besides WD40 attracts dust also which will leave you in a worse condition.

White lithium grease is also a good option for stubborn tracks, it also comes in spray cans like WD40. Silicone lubricants are also very popular for lubricating door tracks as it doesn’t attract dirt’s. In my experience, it also becomes an ugly black color over time.

You want the BEST

Among all the options above we like to go with multipurpose lubrication cleaner Alum-a-Lub. It’s The amazing spray-on oil with “Silicone” that cleans and lubricates sliding screen doors, sliding windows, crank style windows, sliding glass doors, power tools, and in hard-to-get places around the house, the job site, and the workshop.

Lubricant Cleaner for Sliding Screen Doors

Above all, Alum-a-Lub is well known, for its distinct pleasant banana aroma.

Most importantly, Alum-a-Lub never leaves a gummy build-up.

Subsequently, Alum-a-Lub cleans up dirt and grime caused by the elements that other lubricants just cannot penetrate. This product is a three-in-one product that lubricates, cleans, and protects. Being in the market since 1955, it’s well-proven to do a better job than most lubricants. It cleans up grime that other lubricants cannot penetrate.

Never leaves a gummy build-up. It was formulated for the metal window and door industry and is supplied to a multitude of industries including window and door, garage doors, sporting goods, apartments, condominiums, hospitals, the auto industry, lumber, and machine shops.

Get the very best price while buying it from Best Custom Screens and our expert technical team is always happy to help you with
any questions you may have on Sliding Doors.

Buy Alum a Lub today

Statement of Steve Tristan about Aluma Lub “Lubricating Cleaner”

I’ve been using Alum A Lub Lubricant and Cleaner for many years now! I love the ease of use and the job that it does when installing or repairing a sliding screen door or even a sliding glass door. 

It works with many materials including aluminum, metal, and plastic components on many household windows and doors. Anywhere there is a roller or a slider then this amazing spray is the right can you need to grab. Professionals do not use WD40 on doors and windows. Be just like the Pros, use AlumaLub.  It’s safe to use and has generally been one of the best items in my toolbox. .

Even during a brand-new installation of an economy sliding screen door and sometimes with a heavy-duty sliding screen door, you may have a time when the screen door just isn’t working optimally. We spray both the top channel and the bottom track and it seems to be a cure-all that helps the sliding door glide smoothly.

I have seen that an economy sliding screen door can bind more often than other heavier-quality screen doors. Stops binding and relieves tightness. Plus a little bit of this lubricant goes a long way. Just spray a little bit on wheels and bottom tracks and see how well it works.

Aluma Lub is also known as a cleaner.

It cleans your bottom track of debris, dust, dirt, and gunk. The amount of air that comes out with it also blows away all that stuff that gathers in the wind at your slider. We recommend sweeping first but even if you are as lazy as I am then Alum A Lub will work blowing about the dust and debris. . 

It can also be used on door hinges and window cranks, but what’s really cool is that it smells like bananas. No monkeying around! It’s true and it smells just like bananas. Maybe the Minions invented it?.

Steve Tristan recommends Alumalub lubricant cleaner for household use, for the DIY person, and for the handyman. He recommends this item for many projects including remodeling, repairing, fixing it, and more. Definitely put this item in your garage under your sink or wherever you keep your household cleaners. 

Why listen to this guy?

Steve Tristan is an experienced blinds and screens installer who has been in the industry for over 30 years. He not only comes with experience in the field but he also carries the experience of the many industry people that trained him over the years, which can equal hundreds of hundreds of years of experience.

In this comprehensive DIY tutorial, we delve into the realm of door maintenance with a specific focus on the effective use of Alum-A-Lub, a highly acclaimed lubricant designed for doors and windows. What sets Alum-A-Lub apart is not just its exceptional performance in ensuring the smooth operation of sliding screen doors, but also its delightful banana fragrance, which adds a unique twist to the maintenance routine. This article highlights key points covered in the YouTube video:

Introduction to Alum-A-Lub:

The video starts by providing viewers with an insightful introduction to Alum-A-Lub. It discusses the unique properties of this lubricant and explains why it stands out as a top choice for lubricating doors and windows.

Preparation Steps:

To ensure optimal results, the tutorial guides viewers through essential preparation steps. This includes the crucial process of cleaning the sliding door tracks and the specific areas where Alum-A-Lub will be applied.

Step-by-Step Application Guide:

The video presents a user-friendly, step-by-step guide on how to effectively apply Alum-A-Lub to a sliding screen door. It covers all the critical areas that should be targeted for a seamless and efficient application.

Tips and Tricks:

Viewers are treated to handy tips and tricks to achieve a smooth and even application of Alum-A-Lub. The video shares insights on how to avoid common mistakes that may arise during the lubrication process.

Safety Precautions:

Emphasizing the importance of safety, the tutorial provides guidance on how to use the product safely and effectively. This ensures that users can carry out their door maintenance tasks without any mishaps.

Before and After Comparison: The video includes a compelling before-and-after comparison, showcasing the tangible difference Alum-A-Lub can make in enhancing the performance of a sliding screen door. This visual demonstration underscores its effectiveness.

Unique Banana Fragrance: A delightful surprise comes in the form of Alum-A-Lub’s banana fragrance. The video explores how this pleasant scent can infuse a fresh aroma into your living space as you work on door maintenance.

To gain a deeper understanding of the techniques and steps involved, we highly recommend that you not only read this article but also watch the accompanying video. By doing so, you can witness firsthand the practical application of Alum-A-Lub and ensure the longevity of your sliding screen door. As a final call to action, the YouTube channel encourages viewers to subscribe for more DIY home maintenance tips and tricks, inviting them to leave comments and share their own experiences with Alum-A-Lub. Additionally, viewers are encouraged to like and share the video if they find it helpful, fostering engagement within the DIY community.

Steve has perfected his installation techniques and trains people to reduce the time it takes to install a job and to do the best quality job possible..

The method involves spraying the lubricant directly onto the track. This works well if you only need to lubricate one side of the track at a time. Another option is to use a spray bottle with a trigger mechanism. This works well if both sides of the track need to be lubricated.

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