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Discover the aspects of the market by up-to-date data on current trends. According to Key Media & Research the North American window and door industry market is around $23.5 billion in 2021. It’s expected to grow over 5.9% CAGR from 2021 to 2026 by industry experts and researchers. This particular industry is driven… Read More »Potential and Challenges of US Window Replacement & Installation Market 2021

Potential and Challenges of US Window Replacement & Installation Market 2021

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kleintools tape measure review

Tape measure is a very common tool in our everyday life. This tool is used by almost every professional of every industry. From spaceship designer to automobile engineer, civil engineer to plumber, carpenter, handyman, fashion designer, interior designer, tailors there are so many to list who are using this very essential tool. This tool even plays an essential role in our family life as well. Being in the Home and Garden industry for over 3 decades we never spent a single day without using tape measure. Now the tape measure is omnipresent even showing up in a form of key chain. Our installers and production guys have been taking measurement of sliding screen door, window screens, shades, blinds everyday by this tool and can identify different feature and characteristics of tape measure manufactures by different companies.

Klein Tools Tape Measure Review

Steve Tristan Get Free Job Referrals pic for youtube

Do you know the most important part of being a handyman?  It’s not all about your skills with various tools. The real key to getting jobs is by networking and advertising yourself as much as possible. This blog post will help show you how to get the best handyman jobs that are just waiting for someone like you. Learn how to get handyman jobs by watching the video below.

How to get handyman jobs

John and his pup were thrilled when their new screen door was installed, and they couldn’t help but share some photos to celebrate! Read about their story and check out their celebratory photos here. Tips for Ensuring Proper Installation and Operation of Screen Doors. When installing screen doors,… Read More »John was so happy he got his screen door installed he shared these photos and with his dog

John was so happy he got his screen door installed he shared these photos and with his dog

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Interior design for office

Review of the article “Work from home interior design trends on the rise” The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the way we work, with many people transitioning to remote work from the comfort of their homes. As a result, interior design trends have evolved to accommodate the changing… Read More »Working from home interior design

Working from home interior design

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