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Do you know the most important part of being a handyman?  It’s not all about your skills with various tools. The real key to getting jobs is by networking and advertising yourself as much as possible. This blog post will help show you how to get the best handyman jobs that are just waiting for someone like you. Learn how to get handyman jobs by watching the video below.

How to get handyman jobs


Best Mobile Screens, America’s Best Online Screen Door Company is hiring handyman to install screen doors, window screens, blinds, and shades in the Greater Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, and Inland Empire areas. For more information about our company please visit Requirements for Handyman: Construction,… Read More »Hiring Handyman

Hiring Handyman

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Adjusting a sliding screen door height wheels with screw

how to adjust sliding screen door

Let me start of by explaining the different types of sliding screen doors, so you’ll know which type you need to adjust. There three four types of rollers on screen doors that can be adjusted. There is a sliding screen door adjustment screw or on one even a nut and bolt.

When a sliding screen door too short and how to make an adjustment

  • Economy Sliding Screen Door with rolled form steel frame
  • Aluminum Sliding Screen Door with aluminum frame
  • Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door with larger aluminum frame
  • Adjustable Sliding Screen Door with top and bottom frame adjusters
  • Economy Sliding Screen Door adjustment screws are on the side of frame of the height frames at both top and bottom.
  • Aluminum Screen Door the adjustment is visible on the bottom and top frames
  • Heavy Duty Screen Door adjustment nut and bolt are on the bottom frames
  • Adjusting Sliding Screen Door has an adjustment spring loaded channel at top and bottom of the screen n door. Use phillips screw driver to loosen and tighten screw.
Working on sliding glass door

During the pandemic the screen door purchases increased

We suspect it is because of the stay home order. When people were staying at home they needed something to do. So they worked on their home. Making it a more livable and safe place. The panic was terrifying as thousands were getting killed by the pandemic Corona virus and Best Custom Screens was here helping those in need of new screens.

I got out of my comfort zone

As the sales gone up our customer support department got fanatic with superfluous inbound calls. I was then instructed by our Director Operations Steve Tristan to attend calls as well. Performing as a customer support rep I noticed that most of the complaints, confusions and dilemma about screen door is the measurement.

metal vs plastic roller ssd image
Adjust sliding screen door wheel by turning screw

Measuring is key

Sometimes people don’t know how to take an accurate measurement. The measurements also fluctuate due to various types of window manufacturers there are. Each one of the window manufacturers has there own idea of design and sizing. I know couldn’t they all just keep them the same size. But the don’t!

So many customers prefer to call a handyman just to take measurement and install the screen door which costs more that the screen door itself. Noticing all those issues I discussed with our Director of Operations, Steve Tristan, if we can find a simpler way to help the customers understand how to measure.

Read More »How to easily adjust sliding screen door height in 5 minutes.

How to easily adjust sliding screen door height in 5 minutes.

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Steve shows small tape measure

Before Buying Window Screens, First thing you have to do is measuring.

Best Custom Screens doesn’t just sell window screens and screen doors or doesn’t just do installations ; we have some expertise in giving solutions.

We provide a variety of screen products and accessories that can do more for you.

Regular screens provide us many benefits and may be one of the main factors for the reduce in diseases spread by flies, mosquitoes and other pests that adjustable window screen and screen doors keep out of our homes and businesses.

However that is just the starting point for what screen material can do to make your life better and healthy.

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Buying Window Screens : What You Need to Know

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