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Blog » Buying Window Screens : What You Need to Know

Buying Window Screens : What You Need to Know

  • Kaiyum 

Before Buying Window Screens, First thing you have to do is measuring.

Best Custom Screens doesn’t just sell window screens and screen doors or doesn’t just do installations ; we have some expertise in giving solutions.

We provide a variety of screen products and accessories that can do more for you.

Regular screens provide us many benefits and may be one of the main factors for the reduce in diseases spread by flies, mosquitoes and other pests that adjustable window screen and screen doors keep out of our homes and businesses.

However that is just the starting point for what screen material can do to make your life better and healthy.

Opening Size & Style

We Sell heavy duty screen doors that screens offer come in all styles and sizes including ones that can be used with Pet doors, French doors and large openings like garage doors and porches.

Standard Size Doors

  • We provide several options for those who looking for regular screen doors — multiple price points, frame colors, and screen material options.

These come assembled or unassembled and provide custom options for:

  • Screen mesh type
  • Frame color
  • Width – Standard to custom sizes
  • Width fraction – Standard to custom sizes
  • Length – Standard to custom sizes
  • Length Fraction – Standard to custom sizes

Screen Mesh Types

Another good reason why people love to buy from Best Custom Screens is the screen mesh options we provide. This is The ways that we can provide solutions to their problems. We sell a variety of screen mesh types that fulfill exactly as they guarantee:

  1. Heavy duty screen – 3x stronger than regular screen, hail-resistant
  2. Pet screen – 8x strong than standard screen, weather resistant, resistant to the sharpest of pet claws and teeth . Our pet screens are pet lover dream.
  3. Solar screen – can provide 80%-90% UV protection for your home’s interiors and energy-efficiency
  4. Tiny mesh – can keep gnats and other no-see-um insects out
  5. Stainless steel – can withstand lots of wear-and-tear and is resistant to rust


Window screens are not something that we think that much about until they do not work or we do not have any shelter from insect and pests.

although standard or regular screens don’t use advanced technology, the result that they have had on modern society is great.

disease that have been spread by mosquitoes, rodents, insects, and other pests have nearly been eliminate or can’t wipe out entire towns like they did in the early days of American history.

This is all because of window screens and screen doors.

windows, doors can provide additional benefits like allergy protection, UV protection, security and more.

To learn everything you need to know about quality window screens and screens mesh.

If you are ready to buy replacement window screens, insect screen, double hung windows, aluminum screen, patio screen, fiberglass screen, screen roll or screen frames.

shop Best Custom Screens your online window screen repair kit provider offering both standard and custom screens.

Many of our customers ask how do you deliver your sliding screen doors and window screens? Steve Tristan and his son Aidan behind the camera shows us on this hot summer day, how they delivered some window screens in the local area of Acton, CA. They are a little winded and its hot out, but their efforts paid off.

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