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New – Cordless Blinds and Shades is Officially Here!

Our New Line of Cordless Blinds and Shades is Here!

It’s an exciting time here at Best Custom Screens & Blinds! We’re sending out a press release imminently announcing our new line of cordless blinds and screens and we can’t wait to see the reception it gets from the public.

Our new line combines the best design elements from our existing products with a smoothly operating cordless lift mechanism that allows customers to adjust their blinds and shades by simply raising or lowering the bottom rail. There are no cords to get tangled or knotted. You get effortless operation every single time.

We’re currently offering this new functionality in our four flagship window covering products:

Faux wood blinds
Cellular shades
Sun screen roller shades
And our EZ Glide vertical blinds

Kinetic Window Blinds designed by a student

Kinetic Window Blinds designed by a student Kinetic Window Blinds designed by a student. I found this video online in my news feed today. Wow technology just keeps advancing! My hats off to the student who came up with this idea.

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