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Fix stuck or crossed over vertical blinds

EZ Glide Vertical Blind OpsT

Some uncomplicated tricks to fix stuck vertical blinds.

Vertical blinds will stay at the top when we talk about window coverings. Vertical blinds do a great job to let breezes inside home. This window treatment are very good for light filtering or light control. but when sometimes the sliding glass doors are in open position the winds misalign the vanes. It causes the vanes not properly turn around. It’s very annoying when your lovely blinds vanes are misaligned and stuck. Many of our customer asks why their vertical blind won’t turn. There are easy fixes for that. You don’t even need to remove the blinds. We see this issue many time when customers call us for blinds repair.

some common troubleshooting process to fix stuck vertical blinds

Lets go go over some common troubleshooting process after this we will show you visually how Steve has fixed a same issue by using only fingers within 1 minute..

1. Turn the louvers closed to see which vanes are out of alignment.

2. pull the chain or twist the wand till it stops moving.

3. When it stopped moving ..Give it a firm and steady tug, you may hear unusual loud noise from the cord but no worries. Its normal.

4. Now do the same to the opposite direction till you hear the loud harsh noise.

5. The misaligned vane should be ok by this time. it should now turn easily.

Hope you got a very simple solution to fix a misaligned vane. Now lets see what Steve shows us in one of our customers apartment.

Steve fixes stuck vertical blinds in less than just 1 minute.

This day he was called out to an apartment building in Hollywood, that was originally completed by the company during new construction. Best Custom Screens installed all the blinds here. We found it odd that they would already have a problem with their vertical blinds on the patio doors.

So he went out and discovered that it was a common problem that happens out there. The vanes were crossed over, because the tenant had left the patio sliding door open, when the blinds were closed. That is a big error, as this could of actually of damaged the blinds. Fortunately our team was there to take care of the problem and film this short video to help all of you out there.

Quick Fix Stuck vertical blinds
Watch this video on YouTube.
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An easy way on how to read a tape measure with Aidan & Steve

Tape measure lesson

Reading a tape measure is always confusing. It’s mostly because we do not use it regularly. A tape measure is only needed when we need to do any household works. Such as taking the measurement of a door to repair it, changing screen doors, draperies, shades of the windows, altering cloths, making adjustments to the furniture’s and so on. In fact the tape measure is the most basic tool we have in our home.

Who Use Tape Measure

From civil engineers to aerospace engineer, handyman to interior designer no-one can perform without using a tape measure. In Best Custom Screens our single job can not be done without a tape measure. As a matter of fact that our customers should also know how to read tape measure to avoid unexpected wrong measurement issues.

Why Should We Learn Using Tape Measure

People always think that it’s a task of a handyman to take the measurements and install screen doors or window treatments. But today it’s getting expensive to hire a handyman specially when thats a job for 10 to 20 minutes. Being handy with tape measure and other tools will make you more comfortable to accomplish the task yourself.

Accepting The New Normal

Despite of saving money the new world situation making us to think if we should let unknown people or outsider inside of home in this Covid or pandemic situation.

Make your kids more active and enthusiastic

Aiden is a school going kid and a very energized and enthusiastic guy learns using the basic tools during the Pandamic instead of spending time playing video games all day long. He is the only son of the Director operation Steve Tristan at Best Custom Screens.

Active Kid Trying to measure

So today Aiden wants to show how to read a tape measure with his dad Steve. Hope you’ll all enjoy the video.

My son Aidan and I go over the basics on how to read a tape measure. We find that many people make errors when measuring for their window screens and screen doors. Always measure twice and write down once. #tapemeasurehack

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How to easily adjust sliding screen door height in 5 minutes.

How to adjust sliding screen door

During the pandemic the screen door purchases increased

We suspect it is because of the stay home order. When people were staying at home they needed something to do. So they worked on their home. Making it a more livable and safe place. The panic was terrifying as thousands were getting killed by the savage Corona virus and Best Custom Screens was here helping those in need of new screens.

I got out of my comfort zone

As the sales gone up our customer support department got fanatic with superfluous inbound calls. I was then instructed by our Director Operations Steve Tristan to attend calls as well. Performing as a customer support rep I noticed that most of the complaints, confusions and dilemma about screen door is the measurement.

Measuring is key

Sometimes people don’t know how to take an accurate measurement. The measurements also fluctuate due to various types of window manufacturers there are. Each one of the window manufacturers has there own idea of design and sizing. I know couldn’t they all just keep them the same size. But the don’t!

So many customers prefer to call a handyman just to take measurement and install the screen door which costs more that the screen door itself. Noticing all those issues I discussed with our Director of Operations, Steve Tristan, if we can find a simpler way to help the customers understand how to measure.

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How to install a swinging screen door.

How to install a screen door

Background story of our new screen door installation video!!!

My experience working with Best Custom Screens and how I sometimes feel concerned I do know know enough. The new screen door installation video really helped me out.

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