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Blog » Rest in peace guardian angel cat

Rest in peace guardian angel cat

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Rest in peace, my guardian angel cat

Rest in peace guardian angel cat.  – 😿 You were my best friend my guardian angel cat and you will be missed so much. You always cheered me up and stood by my side when I needed somebody the most even if you weren’t human.

You were the most humane and warmhearted being on this planet. I swear you’re actually an angel inside of a cats body. I’m gonna miss your cuddles, purring, and companionship. My guardian angel cat!

I will always remember you my guardian, keep you in my heart, and remember the time you once climbed my bedroom window and ripped my window screen just to ask for food. Chatty Catty hanging with the birds

old tired window screen
My cat killed my window screen

Posted originally January 5, 2016.

Do you have a cat at home that likes to scratch and get into everything? Really? Are your window screens the victim to countless scratches and holes from your cat? Wow me too! I have a cat and she likes to scratch and climb on the window screens of my windows. My cats name is Chatty Catty whom likes to chat and meow a lot. She’s also a very curious yet lazy cat.

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