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CAUTION: Zika Virus Found in Long Beach


CAUTION: Zika Virus Found in Long Beach

Attention all those visiting or living in the Los Angeles area. Just earlier today CBS Los Angeles news reported that the Zika Virus was found in Long Beach!

Protect yourself and your family from being exposed to this disease. Residents and visitors of the nearby area need to take precautions to prevent mosquito bites! If this applies to you wear long sleeves and pants, empty any container or area of water, make sure your screens doors and windows are in good repair, etc. Check out this article to further prevent mosquito bites!

The safety of you and your family is in your hands. In order to stop the Zika Virus from entering your home, contact Best Custom Screens the company that shields your windows and doors now!


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    1. Thank you for contacting us. Please go to the following page to see the three options of window screens to order https://bestcustomscreens.comproduct-category/window-screens/
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