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Blog » Choosing the right screen mesh revealed.

Choosing the right screen mesh revealed.

  • Kaiyum 

Choosing the right screen mesh can be difficult.

Let’s make it simple today…

From time to time, simple questions can have hidden complexities. And yes, that’s not a bad thing at all. For example. Think or assume that your beloved cat was using the screen in the window as her personal scratching post and meanwhile your kids put his foot through the screen while engaging in a little indoor soccer. at the end, you need a replacement window screen.

we understand , that’s really easy enough. But problem is what kind of screen do you want? keep in mind that, while letting fresh air in is the primary reason for a screen, it’s not the main reason. Let’s me explain a little about some of the more features and options of various different type of screens, and we’ll look at why people are interested in certain aspects of the screens.

When it comes to change window screen it’s very hard to choose immediately because a large variety of screen types are available in the market.

They come to meet different requirement and options. In my previous blog I wrote about replacing window screen.

Today I will explain different types of screen/mesh and their usage, specifications etc. So lets go through the key characteristic before choosing window screen mesh.

Some very common questions will help you in decision making process.
For example; Durability, Less Expensive, Pet Resistance, Better visibility etc are the most sought things when someone replaces mesh.

Standard Fiberglass Window Screen is the most popular screen as it’s the most reasonable in price.

Standard Fiberglass screen mesh is very easy to work with and popular for DIY projects, Charcoal color helps enhance outward visibility.

Fiberglass screen mesh

A special type of screening material is also available in the market now a days. Which is Vinyl Coated Polyester. It’s stronger and heavier than Fiberglass window screen.

You may also find it in the market as Pet Screen. It’s hard for the dog or cat to rip this screen easily.

Aluminium screen is also widely used as door or window screen material. It’s slightly more durable than Fiberglass Window Screen.

But Aluminium mesh creases and dents very easily and hard to work with. Also it oxidize very quickly in coastal area.

metal screen mesh
If you choose to go with metal screening anyhow then bronze might be the better choice. it doesn’t oxidize in salty air but the color turns to dark brown or even green from bright coppery color.

Solar Screen:
Solar or Sun Screen is now being used in those area where sun protection is needed. It reduce air condition load and keeps furniture safe from fading.

Solar  screen mesh

So it’s bit challenging choosing the right mesh for window and door. Better you
just transfer all your screen mesh headache to Best Custom Screens the company that shield your windows and doors.

Do solar screens keep heat out?
Solar screens can reduce UV damage,glare and solar heat gain. They can be installed on the exterior or interior as fixed panels  or roller shades, and they usually allow for light transmission and a view out the window. They look alike regular insect screens and provide much more efficiency benefits.

How effective are solar window screens?
Best quality Solar screens have about an 80% to 90% heat and light blocking rate. This essentially measure you only have 10% to 20% visibility with solar window screens. Although Window film blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays and allows 100% visibility – this actually increase your view through reducing glare.

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