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Danfel Danao

Danfel Danao

Meet Danfel Danao: Your Go-To Guy for Virtual Assistance and Customer Service

Danfel “Dan” Danao lives in Valenzuela City and he knows a thing or two about helping businesses out. He is a seasoned Customer Service Manager with a wealth of experience that spans more than eight transformative years in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. His proficiency encompasses a multifaceted suite of administrative services, ranging from telephonic customer support to adeptly managing real-time chat assistance and executing email communication strategies.

Dan Danao Customer Service Manager

In addition to his customer service skills, he also is highly knowledgeable in the following skills:

  • Data Administration
  • Web Research
  • Lead Generation
  • E Commerce
  • Digital Marketing

Switching Gears to Be His Own Boss:

Dan worked for a lot of years in regular office jobs but decided he wanted to try something different. So, he made the big move to become a Virtual Assistant, a job he can do from anywhere as long as he has a computer. This change in jobs has been a big deal for him. It’s allowed him to learn new things like how to keep track of data, find important information online, bring new customers into a business, and even how to run an online store.

Family and Values:

Danfel Danao was born into a loving and supportive family deeply rooted in various business ventures. His strong family and religious upbringing have instilled in him a solid moral foundation. At the age of 18, he embarked on a two-year church mission in the Northern part of the Philippines, where he shared his knowledge and beliefs with others. 

Today, he is an active ecclesiastical leader in his local church, embodying high moral standards and a commitment to his conservative cultural heritage. He enjoys a fulfilling family life with his loving wife and three beautiful children.

Learning Never Stops:

In the educational department, Dan got his degree in Information Technology back in 2010 from a well-known college, the University of the East in Manila. But he didn’t stop learning there. In 2019, he decided to learn cooking and got a certificate in Culinary Arts. He’s always looking for more things to learn, often taking courses online to keep adding new skills to his toolbox.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology 
  • 2010 Graduate of the prestigious University of East in Manila
  • 2019 Professional Culinary Arts Certificate from SKD Acadmey 
More Than Just an Assistant:

Dan isn’t just someone who can help you with basic tasks. He’s got a wide range of skills and he’s always keen to learn more. Plus, he’s a hard worker and doesn’t give up easily. His strong background, good values, and never-ending desire to improve make him someone you really want to have on your team.

What He Does When He’s Not Working:

Away from his computer, Dan loves spending quality time with his family. He has three kids and loves playing with them. For his own time, he enjoys being active. He’s a fan of Pickleball, a paddle sport that’s a mix between tennis, badminton, and table tennis. When he’s not playing sports, you’ll find him out walking or jogging. Dan also has a passion for cooking. He loves trying out recipes from different parts of the world like Japan, Korea, and France.

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