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Disney solves mosquito crisis!

Disney World Castle

Disney solves mosquito crisis!

Disney solves mosquito crisis! In Florida, there are countless mosquitoes out there and they carry diseases. 

YouTuber, Rob Plays, states that Disney World is “smack dab in the middle of a swamp.” Also, “Florida is more comprised of wetlands than any other state in the U.S.” Imagine that! Mosquitoes are a large epidemic, carrying potential viruses that are harmful for many, including the following: West Nile virus, and Zika virus. This is a very informative video that discuses how Disney solves that problem in a very thorough and scientific way.

Solve your own mosquito crisis and keep your home or business safe! To do this, you can A) Invest in expensive pesticides, B) Hire Disney to solve the problem for you, or C) Simply buy quality screens from us at a fair price.

Expensive Pesticides

Pesticides are often used to kill off pests. In your case, that’s mosquitoes! Pesticides are a good tool to control these disease carriers, mosquitoes. On the other hand, pesticides can be expensive. More specifically, mosquito misting systems cost about $1,000 to $1,800 on average! That doesn’t even include fees for professional installation and maintenance.

Hire Disney

Now, as for hiring Disney to solve your problem, it’s safe to say that would be pretty pricey. Disney is an extremely well known company known for it’s diverse entertainment capabilities.

Buy Quality Screens

Lastly, we suggest buying quality screens! As a matter of fact you can look at our great selection here. Buy having screens on your doors and windows you can block pests from entering your home. That doesn’t only include mosquitoes but pesky flies that like to land on your food at the worst of moments. Screens, sold at an affordable price, allow you to enjoy a breeze without the worry of pests. Screens protect!

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