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Blog » What makes our DIY screen door kit so unique?

What makes our DIY screen door kit so unique?

  • Kaiyum 

Semi ASSEMBLED screen door kits for sliding GLASS DOOR

Screen doors come in two types of configuration. Fully Assembled patio sliding screen door and unassembled or partially assembled sliding screen door repair kit. Best Custom Screens partially assembled screen door kit is the easiest DIY kit available. This DIY kit is suitable for any patio sliding glass doors.

Now lets take a look how our sliding screen door kit is unique from others.

Easy to assemble and install:

door kit

We call it partially assembled rather than unassembled. Our semi unassembled kit is already half done. The screen is already attached with the side frames so its easier for customers to put it together. It really takes a very little effort to assemble.

Detailed practical instruction video:

Our 2 minute video instruction manual describes very well how to assemble a patio sliding screen door.  Similarly a dedicated how-to instruction webpage is also available on how to assemble sliding screen door kits.

Wheels can be upgraded:

Our custom sliding screen door kit comes with vinyl wheels, similarly optional metal wheels are available for a small additional charge. The spring loaded wheels are adjustable with the turn of a Phillips screwdriver. We have a very unique 15 second video which gives a better understanding how to load the wheel in the screen door. A plastic roller also comes in the kit for screening the door.

Competitive Price:

Our Unassembled Kit comes custom sized to your measurement and color. It costs only 50% of the cost than home depot or Lowe’s for a custom screen door. Best Custom Screens thrives to provide the best quality within the most affordable price. We want to make sure our families are in a safe and healthy environment.

Our partially assembled sliding screen door kit saves you a very decent amount of shipping cost too comparing assembled package. Place your order today at Best Custom Screens Shop. Our unassembled sliding patio doors with screen kit comes with latch, screws and roller tools.

Remain undamaged while shipping:

Being in the business for more than 20 years we have come over many damage issues of sliding screen door. Most of the time the shipping company damages the door while handling them. It takes time to serve our customers by claiming from the shipping company.

On the other hand, we receive almost zero percent complaints from the customer regarding unassembled sliding screen door kit which makes this product unbeatable. Unassembled sliding screen door kit is packed in a way that help to keep the components intact inside the package.

Nationwide Shipping:

For the unique packaging design our DIY screen door kit is ready to go every corner of the United States. We are proud to be able to provide our Unassembled Sliding Screen Door kit to every states of the country.

Our DIY patio screen doors are suitable for home owners, renters, handyman’s, contractors, real estate agents, apartment owners, property management companies, hospitals, clinics, offices, hotels and restaurants.

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