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You Can Do It Yourself, And We Can Help

We love the weekend warriors. The do-it-yourselfers. Because we built our business that way, and we cater to the consumer that wants to save money by purchasing quality products and then doing the installation themselves. See the tutorials and videos on how to do it yourself on most common diy projects.

Most noteworthy, that’s why we’ve designed our products to be easy for the handy men and women of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and surrounding areas. Especially because they love to install themselves. To clarify our window and door screens arrive fully assembled along with clear instructions, helpful measuring guides, and all the hardware you’ll need.


Easy instructions on measuring and installation are available on our website too.

Contractors make the bulk of their profit on installation, and if they don’t, they’re installing inferior products. It’s far more cost-effective to buy quality products and install them yourself. And by purchasing online, you’ll save money on covering your windows and doors, too!

Consider our standard 3 ft. x 8 ft. tall sliding screen doors. Big box stores regularly charge $350 to $400 for comparable products. Our delivered price is $150, and that’s for a better door with a stronger frame, more durable screening, and more dependable hardware.

However with the big box stores expect to wait up to two weeks to receive a custom order. At Best Custom Screens we ship your order to within five to seven business days. Certainly we simply offer better service, better products, and a better experience.

We don’t call ourselves Best Custom Screens for nothing.

Meanwhile we live up to our name every day, with every order.

Firstly our products are super easy for home owners, apartment maintenance staff, handyman services and contractors to install diy project themselves. Secondly the window and door screens arrive fully assembled along with clear instructions, helpful measuring guides, and all the hardware you’ll need.

Most importantly DIY How to instructions on measuring and installation are available on our website too.  For example It is recommended that fully assembled screen doors and window screens are shipped to CA, AZ, NV, NM, OR, WA, and ID.  Similarly the Unassembled screen kits and sliding screen doors kits are available to ship UPS or Fedex Ground – Home Delivery nationwide.


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See our Tutorials Page

How to Instructions

Tutorial Videos

Our videos help people learn do it yourself measure and install our sliding screen doors, swinging screen doors, and window screens.

Our motivation is to keep families healthy, by providing the Best Custom Screens. We believe that by “Shielding your windows and doors” you can enjoy a bug-free, cooler home, while creating a safe living space.

How do I measure a patio sliding screen door
Watch this video on YouTube.
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