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Blog » Dog hit by car saved

Dog hit by car saved

Dog run over taken to animal hospital

Dog hit by car saved.  Hello everyone! Today at I See Isa’s Corner I met an Injured Good Boy! :'( By that I mean I met a poor dog who got hurt by a reckless person.


This morning, at around 10:30am, this male dog was found screaming and crying in agony. Steve, Director of Operations, and Elise, Office Manager, rescued this poor good boy.

According to Elise, “Steve and [her] were about to go on the freeway” but they saw 2 dogs. The bigger white dog almost got hit by a white truck but it just missed him. This dog ran away as quick as possible. Instead, the truck “ran over the little one’s paw and kept going”. A hit and run.

This driver made the reckless decision to leave this poor dog screaming and crying! Elise Tristan stated, “I felt sick to my stomach and felt like crying.” She continued saying, “I was freaking out so Steve picked up the dog.” Soon after, they brought this dog to me, Isa Tristan.

Animal Care Center

Once this dog was in my care, I took him straight to the East Valley Animal Care Center in Van Nuys. In the car, he was panting and I knew he needed help. While in the car, I noticed one of his paws was limp and he tried his best not to put pressure on it. Making it safely to the center, I said goodbye to this injured good boy and made sure he would get well soon!

I hope this never happens to any of your dogs or even your cat! No animal deserves to be hurt so recklessly. They’re loyal animals; Man’s Best Friend. How can we make sure our friendly dogs don’t get hurt? How can we prevent them from getting out of the house and into the street?

Dog Door

Well here’s a solution, get a dog door! Firstly, if you have a dog door already, make sure you are able to have control over when they can come in and out. Keep your pets safe! In addition, if you don’t have a dog door, don’t fret, you can buy one at

All you have to do is buy a screen door with a custom made dog door in either small, medium, large, or extra large. We want to keep your pets safe!

As a matter of fact, I own a dog door too! It’s super reliable and there’s a piece wood that you can slide off and on according to you and your dog’s needs.

Please, take a look at the following videos for a glimpse at the injured good boy I took to the Animal Care Center and how the doggy door opens and closes!

Isa Tristan signing off here at I See Isa’s Corner! Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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