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Eze Breeze Windows Cleaning

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Enjoying the sun and its warmth during the summer days is one of the most popular past times in America. Most people have sunrooms or porches where they can sit and relax for the day and take in the view around them. Although these sunrooms or porches had glass windows before, now many people are installing eze breeze windows instead. Before installing these windows, one must know about eze breeze window cleaning.

To clean eze breeze windows, you have to first let the window cool off and clean the exterior and the frame of the window by vacuuming and using a hose. Then close the vents, tilt the panels one by one and clean the windows using a soft, lint-free cloth. 

Let’s take a look at the steps to clean eze breeze windows. 

How to clean eze breeze windows

Since eze breeze windows are made of vinyl, they are a very good choice for use as windows in the sunroom or the porch. They deflect the harmful UV ray but let in all the light, which makes your stay in your sunroom or porch even more enjoyable. To ensure you can fully enjoy the view around you, you need to properly clean your eze breeze windows. 

cleaning eze breeze windows

Unlike glass windows, you can not use eze breeze windows with glass cleaners or detergent, or any other regular cleaning agents. When cleaning these windows, you need to use Woolite or Murphy oil soap and clean water solution, and a lint-free cloth. Don’t use any of the aforementioned soaps or detergents apart from these or you will damage the windows and their material. 

Now, let’s see how you can clean your eze breeze window. 

1. Letting the windows cool down

You shouldn’t perform the cleaning procedure on a warm window. There are two reasons for this. First, cleaning eze breeze windows when they are warm will be quite uncomfortable for you because of the heat. Second, the heat will make the cleaning solution less effective. So, make sure the windows are cool before you proceed with the cleaning. 

2. Cleaning the window frame and the exterior

Once your eze breeze windows have cooled down, clean the frame of the windows with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to use the soft brush attachment on the vacuum to not scratch the window panels. Next, clean the exterior of the windows with a hose. If you need to clean the metal parts of the window, you can use clean water and a soft cloth to do so. 

3. Tilting the panels

Now, you need to bring the panels in a position where they can be cleaned properly. First, you need to close all the vents of the windows. Next, lift the bottom panel by an inch and release the thumb latches. After that, tilt the lifted panel in and rest it on a support, such as a chair. Bring the remaining three panels to the bottom. 

Then lift the second panel an inch and tilt it in such a way that it is resting on the bottom panel. Repeat the process until all the panels are raised and tilted in the same manner. 

4. Cleaning the windows

We have now come to the business end of eze breeze cleaning. After all the panels have been lifted, tilted, and rested on supports, you need to start cleaning them, starting with the top panel. Use a lint-free cloth and rinse it in clean water. Next, make the previously mentioned soap and water solution. 

After applying the solution on the cloth, start gently cleaning the windows one by one. Once you make sure there are no spots on the top panel, return it to its original position. Repeat the process for all of the panels and finish up the cleaning. 

What are the problems with eze breeze windows Cleaning?

Despite all its advantages, eze breeze windows have some glaring issues. This is why many people think twice before installing these in their sunrooms and porches. The problems people face the most while having these windows are as follows:

  • The moving parts fail too often: Eze-breeze windows have a lot of moving parts that are made of plastic. They also have quite a lot of springs. These springs and parts are very susceptible to breaking and failing, which is a pain in the rear for the owners. 
  • Declining quality: Making sure a product’s quality is maintained as its popularity goes up is a difficult job. And unfortunately, many manufacturers are failing at this job as the quality of the windows is gradually going down. The panels are not made to last long, and the installation is either too tight or too loose. These are among a lot of other issues that people face with these windows. 
  • Doesn’t provide the best protection: Many users have complained that eze breeze windows don’t provide much protection from heat or cold. There have been reports of certain insects such as the Japanese Lady Beetles slipping through the windows. You surely don’t want bugs to be in your sunroom or porch when you are enjoying the view. 
  • Difficult to clean: If you haven’t figured it out from the procedure mentioned above, cleaning eze breeze windows is quite tough as you can not use regular cleaning materials to do so. You also have to remove the window panels and tilt them before cleaning, which is quite a hassle. 

Final Words

Eze breeze windows are becoming more and more popular as the days are going by. If you want to install these windows in your sunroom or porch, make sure you know the process of eze breeze window cleaning. Also, make sure you know the pros and cons of these windows before making your decision. 


1. Are Eze Breeze Windows Durable?

One of the biggest advantages of eze breeze windows is their durability. They have a long lifespan, resist damages better than glass windows, and have better weather resistance than their glass counterparts. 

2. Which is better Sunspace or eze breeze?

Sunspace windows have many advantages over eze-breeze windows. They have only one working part over the multiple parts of the eze-breeze windows, and these parts can be easily availed. They also have PVC plastic tracks and aluminum frames that are much more durable than those of the eze-breeze windows.

3. How long does it take to get eze breeze windows?

The average time to get your eze-breeze windows after you have placed your order is 12 days. The time might differ based on your location, weather conditions, and other unforeseen events.

4. How thick are eze breeze windows?

Eze-breeze windows are made of 10-millimeter-thick pieces of vinyl. These panels are resistant to breaking or shattering when applied pressure. 

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