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Steve Tristan, Director of Operations explains the question

Expert & Industry Professional“Does your company charge for an estimate?” We offer free estimates over the telephone and if you would like to proceed we can provide an in home measure in Los Angeles County for an additional service charge of $99.99 to $149.99 depending on area and mileage.  Our company offers measuring and installation services in Los Angeles County. All other areas we provide our products at a low price and including shipping we are 50% to 75% lower than the Big Orange and Blue Home Improvement Stores.

Some of the questions we may ask when you contact for service is:

  • What city and state are you in?
  • Do you need someone to install?
  • What type of product(s) do you need installed?
  • Do you need us to measure?
  • Why do you need to the service?
  • What type of property is it?
    • House?
    • Apartment?
    • Office Building?
    • Commercial or Industrial Building?
    • Storefront?
  • Are the window on first level story or second story?
  • Is it easy to get access to the windows or doors?
  • Is there any special circumstances?
  • Are you a business reselling our services?
    • If so does your company charge for an estimate?

Where do I find a handyman to install screen doors & window screens?

The handyman director offers free listings and a chance for you to connect with handy guys out there that some times work as a contractor during the day and provide low cost handyman services at night and on the weekends. Not all are the same. Some are professional companies with crews of handymen available to serve you. Check out the site and give us any feedback

Also check out to find an installer in your area.

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Best Custom Screens, LLC is not responsible for any work completed and is only referring you to this website. Also be aware of the local laws and regulations in your area. Our company is only referring you to the website to help you find someone to install. We recommend that you complete your own thorough background check on people you hire for services.

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