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Most likely if you need an answer to the question, “Why is the shipping charge so expensive?”, then you most likely are out of the three states we ship assembled screen doors to.  We only ship assembled screens and screen doors to California, Nevada, and Arizona.  Shipping to any other states will increase the shipping cost excessively as well as most likely the shipment will get damaged.  We recommend that all other states purchase the Unassembled Sliding Screen Doors on our site.  The program is not for everyone.  Its best to be a handy person, with the skills and tools to assemble the sliding screen door.

Assembled sliding screen doors are shipped by Truck “Common Carrier”. To ensure your order arrive undamaged, the sliding screen door needs to be packaged with a patent pending process of packaging the product.

We  offer the very best price, including the shipping cost. In the other states, the shipping gets expensive with the assembled. For the unassembled, it is the recommended shipping to the East Coast and you would just have to put it together.  Please see our video on how to assemble the unassembled sliding screen door

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