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Blog » Home improvement store helps us create a higher level of service

Home improvement store helps us create a higher level of service

I realized that a Home improvement store gave me clear vision how to service our customers

Home Improvement store helps us create a higher level of service.  Have you ever shopped at one of the big orange or blue home improvement stores and didn’t find what you were looking for?  Then you asked someone who works there for help. With an empty look on their face, they send you to an aisle clear across the other side of the warehouse,  but you still cannot find what you need.  Well I sure have had that problem!  The level of expertise is no longer available in some of corporate America’s big box brand stores.

I really miss the time when you could go to a hardware store and talk to someone with true experience. A person who knows their product. Someone who provides a level of service that is not found in today’s market.  You could explain the project you were working on and they would have the knowledge that a handyman or a contractor would.  No matter what you were looking for they helped! Be it plumbing, electrical, drywall, paint, screens, blinds, screws, nails, tools, etc. You were given immediate help!  A person could walk over to the department area where they would answer your questions. How your item would work, how it would install, or how it would apply in your home or job.   Do you miss receiving personal service from someone who cares?


Technology has changed and improved our culture in many ways.  The internet has really brought us into the dawn of an even more advance civilization.  Our kids are smarter than us and they easily out rank us in the world of technology.  There is an app for everything and it’s difficult for some people to keep up.  How well do we keep up?  It can be a challenge but we all have to catch up in order to survive in today’s world
In my opinion, the ultimate service can be achieved through the combination of the seasoned, more experienced people and the newer generation. This creates a culture that enriches an innovative, successful business.
Best Custom Screens offers the knowledge, service, and humility of the experienced, and the efficiency, and technology of modern advancements.  Our website offers: the sizes you need; affordable prices; and easy to understand, instructional videos on how to measure, how to install, and how to assemble our products.  Our knowledgeable staff provides a level of service above and beyond the best service of today and yesterday.  We are here to serve people with our expertise, care, and love.
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