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Blog » How Retractable Screen Doors Bring the Outside In

How Retractable Screen Doors Bring the Outside In

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If you have a back deck, covered porch, or patio, you understand the joy of outdoor living. When you throw open the doors, your walls no longer bound your home. Your yard becomes an extension of your living space.

Genius Double Panel Retractable Screen Door
Genius Double Panel Retractable Screen Door

You might grill out on summer nights while your family lounges, enjoying the warm air and good conversation. Your neighbors may join the fun, creating a safe and enjoyable spot to grow your community. Life is better when your indoor and outdoor worlds are one.

Screen doors make this a reality. They provide a barrier against everything we want to keep out of our homes while connecting us to everything we love. But a standard screen door isn’t appropriate for every application. If you have a wide opening to cover, like the space between the posts ringing your enclosed patio but you want full view and fresh air then you might want a retractable screen door that protects you when you want it but tucks away when you don’t. Retractable screen door is the ultimate screen solution for large opening.

Genius Single Panel Retractable Screen Door
Genius Single Panel Retractable Screen Door

Retractable screen doors spool away like a roller blind when not in use. They’re perfect for wide double doors, french doors, or openings of any size. They can stand as a formidable barrier against the elements when needed and then virtually disappear when they’re not. They’re temporary walls that let in light and air and then transition you seamlessly into the outdoors.

You’re Free to Live as You Choose

Retractable screen doors let you define your space and change it on the fly. There’s a freedom that comes with this kind of versatility. It’s simple to open up a large entrance when you need one. You can retract two screens in your enclosed porch to let the kids run in and out or tuck away all sides and create an open, covered patio.

Genius Single Panel Retractable Screen Door
Genius Single Panel Retractable Screen Door

Your double doors can give way to a screen when you need the protection it provides. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a spring breeze clearing the stale winter air from your home while keeping bugs and other critters where they belong. Then, when you want a double-wide, unobstructed entrance and natural light you zip the screen back into its housing, and your interior and exterior spaces are joined. You can pass between them effortlessly, allowing your family and guests to drift in and out as the mood strikes them.

Retractable units fulfill the promise of open protection in places where traditional screen doors won’t fit. Their applications are only limited by your imagination. They can screen almost any entryway, turning open spaces into rooms and rooms back into boundless opportunities to explore the outdoors. This amazing screens can be used in both window and door.

Your Home, Only Bigger

When your exterior spaces are as accessible as the inside of your home, your world grows. The walls that we put up, separating us from other people, disappear. The limitations that we place on ourselves evaporate. The world is no longer divided between us and them. There is only us — you and the people you love, wherever they are.

Genius retractable screen for front door
Genius retractable screen for front door

It may sound strange to talk about screen doors in such cinematic terms, but the truth is that the barriers we put up to keep the world out also keep us in. It’s nice to have the option to take them away entirely sometimes and just live free.

Benefits of Retractable Screen Doors

  • Retractable screens make it easy to screen an existing entry door.
  • Use on inward or outward doors.
  • Perfect solution for French Doors.
  • Enjoy the unobstructed view through the door.
  • When the screen is retracted when not in use, the fabric is protected from harmful UV rays, dirt and weather. 
  • Screening material significantly outlasts traditional flat door screens.
  • Plus you don’t need to remove and store away the screens in the winter.
  • Smooth operating system that features a compact and attractive screen housing.
  • Select systems do not slam back.
  • Insect pile to keep the pests out.

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