Adjusting a sliding screen door height wheels with screw

How to easily adjust sliding screen door height in 5 minutes.

how to adjust sliding screen door

Let me start of by explaining the different types of sliding screen doors, so you’ll know which type you need to adjust. There three four types of rollers on screen doors that can be adjusted. There is a sliding screen door adjustment screw or on one even a nut and bolt.

When a sliding screen door too short and how to make an adjustment

  • Economy Sliding Screen Door with rolled form steel frame
  • Aluminum Sliding Screen Door with aluminum frame
  • Heavy Duty Sliding Screen Door with larger aluminum frame
  • Adjustable Sliding Screen Door with top and bottom frame adjusters
  • Economy Sliding Screen Door adjustment screws are on the side of frame of the height frames at both top and bottom.
  • Aluminum Screen Door the adjustment is visible on the bottom and top frames
  • Heavy Duty Screen Door adjustment nut and bolt are on the bottom frames
  • Adjusting Sliding Screen Door has an adjustment spring loaded channel at top and bottom of the screen n door. Use phillips screw driver to loosen and tighten screw.
Working on sliding glass door

During the pandemic the screen door purchases increased

We suspect it is because of the stay home order. When people were staying at home they needed something to do. So they worked on their home. Making it a more livable and safe place. The panic was terrifying as thousands were getting killed by the pandemic Corona virus and Best Custom Screens was here helping those in need of new screens.

I got out of my comfort zone

As the sales gone up our customer support department got fanatic with superfluous inbound calls. I was then instructed by our Director Operations Steve Tristan to attend calls as well. Performing as a customer support rep I noticed that most of the complaints, confusions and dilemma about screen door is the measurement.

metal vs plastic roller ssd image
Adjust sliding screen door wheel by turning screw

Measuring is key

Sometimes people don’t know how to take an accurate measurement. The measurements also fluctuate due to various types of window manufacturers there are. Each one of the window manufacturers has there own idea of design and sizing. I know couldn’t they all just keep them the same size. But the don’t!

So many customers prefer to call a handyman just to take measurement and install the screen door which costs more that the screen door itself. Noticing all those issues I discussed with our Director of Operations, Steve Tristan, if we can find a simpler way to help the customers understand how to measure.

We came up with a solution to launch our new Adjusting Sliding Screen Door which enables customers to adjust the screen door height up to 4 inch.
So lets dive in the world of adjustable sliding screen door.

Features & Benefits of today’s adjustable sliding screen door.

  • The adjustable also known as the multi-fit sliding screen door, is a convenient solution for your home or apartment.
  • It reduces the risk of measuring errors.
  • Customer can take an approximate measurement to order this sliding screen door since it’s adjustable up to 4 inchs.
  • So from now our customer support reps will get no more calls asking “How do you measure a sliding screen door”.
  • LOL..thats gonna be releaving for the reps. Jokes apart, this really made easy for the customers to take the height measurement.
  • Another convenience made by the amazing screen door is that the product is prebuilt and can be delivered in 1 day turnaround. For custom fit sliding screen door the lead time is very high as the production guys need to go through different processes.
  • Adjustable fit sliding screen door can be purchased from our website or someone can come by our shop for adjustable sliding screen door replacement.

Now the question is how do you install an adjustable sliding screen door?

how do i set a sliding screen door adjustable height just right?

So let’s go through the whole process of how to adjust sliding screen door height on an adjustable fit sliding screen door.

Installation Instructions for Height Adjustable Screen Door.


  1. Set the screen in the door opening with the operating handle facing inside and toward the door jamb it will close against.
  2. Lift the screen into the head channel of the patio door.
  3. Then set the bottom of the screen onto the steel roller track of the patio door.
  4. Maintain upward pressure on the screen so that the expander compresses enough to fit the opening.
  5. Tighten bottom expander screws upon checking the operation is proper.
  6. The top expander screws may be kept loose so that the top expander floats as the screen slides.
  7. Trim the vinyl bug sweep so it seals tight against the patio door.
  8. To cut to the desired width use the grooves as guideline.
  9. Make sure the bug sweep is not so tight so it forces the screen to bow outward away from the patio door.


  1. Position the strike flange extending up, so that when the screen is locked, the latch lever is in the downward position.
  2. Mark position sending the screen door into the frame to install the strike.
  3. Install the strike using the provided screws if its pre drilled. Drill 1/16” holes and install the strike using the provided screws if there is no hole drilled. (Note: Use the adjustment slots in the strike to move it up or down before tightening the screws.)

HOw to adjust a screen door diagram

How to adjust sliding screen door

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How to deliver screen doors and window screens
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