If your Economy or Aluminum Sliding Screen Door is sticking, dragging, or simply tough to maneuver, the likely issue is the roller wheels. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a DIY expert to fix this problem. This comprehensive guide, inspired by the YouTube tutorial by DIY Aidan, will teach you how to safely and efficiently remove and reinstall roller wheels, specifically tailored for Economy and Aluminum Sliding Screen Doors.

What You Will Learn

  • How to identify that the rollers in your Economy or Aluminum Sliding Screen Door are the same.
  • The necessary steps for roller wheel removal and installation.
  • Where to buy replacement rollers suitable for your sliding screen door.

Why This Guide is Helpful

  • Save Money: Skip the expensive professional services and tackle the issue yourself.
  • Improve Longevity: With proper maintenance, extend the life of your sliding screen door.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Make daily life more comfortable with a smoothly operating door.

What You’ll Need

Believe it or not, no special tools are needed for this DIY project!

How to Easily Remove and Reinstall Roller Wheels on Your Sliding Screen Door
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Step-by-Step Instructions

Roller Removal

  1. Unclick to Remove: Follow the video instructions to unclick the existing roller wheels.
  2. Careful Removal: Gently remove the roller wheels from your Economy or Aluminum Sliding Screen Door.

Roller Installation

  1. Hook Placement: Place the hook of the new roller over the designated pin.
  2. Click and Push: Pull the roller until it clicks into place. Then push the wheel up into the frame, ensuring that the spring wire is completely inside the screen door frame.

Additional Tips

  • Compatibility: Make sure to purchase rollers that are specifically compatible with your Economy or Aluminum Sliding Screen Door model. You can buy replacement rollers here.

For a more detailed guide on different types of rollers suitable for Economy or Aluminum Sliding Screen Doors, visit Best Custom Screens.


While this DIY project does not require specialized tools, it is crucial to exercise caution throughout the process. If you encounter any issues or complications, please consult professionals for assistance.


That’s it! You’ve successfully removed and reinstalled roller wheels on your Economy or Aluminum Sliding Screen Door. Say goodbye to the frustrating experience of dealing with a sticky door and enjoy your newly enhanced, smoothly sliding door!

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