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How to get handyman jobs

Do you know the most important part of being a handyman?  It’s not all about your skills with various tools. The real key to getting jobs is by networking and advertising yourself as much as possible. This blog post will help show you how to get the best jobs that are just waiting for someone like you. Learn how to get handyman jobs by watching the video below.

Steve Tristan Expert outline the Referral Network

If you have been laid off, lost your job due to the pandemic and need some help getting back on track do not worry! Partnering with our network of handymen will allow for more time spent doing what matters most. We can give advice about how best manage work responsibilities while still being able to pursue other interests or goals without feeling like there’s too much pressure from one task at once.”

How to market your handyman service

The following is a list on you can get more repair and remodel jobs

  • Market on social media
    • Build an audience of followers on your social media. Reach out to your friends and family first and ask them to follow you
    • Take before and after photos of each job, then post them to your social media platforms.
    • Take video of you at the job site. Be sure to include you in as many videos as possible. If you are camera shy, then get over it, man up and just do it! How? Ask Steve how he did it.
    • Go Live! On your most followed platform and multiple platforms. When you have exciting news or an amazing job or area you are in, then take a live video.
  • You are your brand. What does this mean? In our line of work most of us do the work ourselves. Therefore customers hire you, not our company. Remember that and always be honest and have integrity.
  • Print business cards. Old school Yes but still works, especially for more referrals.
  • Get refrigerator magnets printed at somewhere like Vista Print. They are affordable. When your customers love you they will call you back. Having your number right in their home is accessible for them to remember and call you again.
  • Have a digital business card on your cell phone that you can send leads and customers who are more in touch with technology
  • Build a website that will showcase your work
  • Get online business listings
  • Start up a How To YouTube Channel

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