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Blog » How to install a swinging screen door.

How to install a swinging screen door.

Background story of our new screen door installation video!!!

My experience working with Best Custom Screens and how I sometimes feel concerned I do know know enough. The new screen door installation video really helped me out.

Working as a customer rep sometimes I am often asked about installing a swinging screen door. I face difficulty describing to our clients the different steps because I do not work in the field and there was no visual guide for this product at the time.  Being in the screen door business we have installed hundreds of swinging screen doors but we have never shot a how to video on this topic. Consequently I felt the need for this kind of video which can help our customers understand the installation steps better.  I am very excited that our Director of Operations, Steve Tristan decided to come up with such a detailed video when installing at the swinging screen
door job.  He heard about my concern and scheduled time out of his busy schedule to install a swinging screen door with one of our installers.  I knew this kind of video would totally rock because he is an industry expert.  Steve delivered an amazing video and out performed my expectations.  He even went as far as to upload the video himself to YouTube.

I then became concerned that people would not watch the video because it is very long, 26 minutes and 32 seconds to be exact.  I was assured by the team that the video will be an awesome tool for us to use.  I came to realize that installing the Hinged Swinging Screen Doors, takes a lot of work.  There are many steps!  That’s why the video has to be so long.  The views of the video have proven that my concerns were wrong.  More than 1,600 people have already viewed the video in just a couple of days.  I am sure that people have found the video very helpful because of how detailed it is.  We not only hit a home run on this one, it’s more like a grand slam.

You can watch the video here.

A short description on our Swinging Screen Door Product.:

We call our screen doors, swinging screen door.
These screen doors are hinged and are installed at any door in a home that needs it, including front doors, laundry room doors, back doors, side doors, and more. Keep out pests both insect and others with the best Hinged Swinging Screen Door in the market. Ideal for front entry doors, side entry doors and rear kitchen laundry doors.
Mounts onto wood, metal and plastic frames.

Many models and brands available. Those available include Cape Cod, Model E, Vista,
Colonial, and more.

Active brand Swinging Screen Doors are the very best in the market. Made in the United States with strong durable components. Hardware and closer include in package.

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