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How to install cordless faux wood blinds

How to install cordless faux wood blinds

Steve Tristan explains and shows us how to install a Cordless Faux Wood Blind. Steve has nearly 30 years of experience installing blinds, shades, windows screens and screen doors.

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How to install outside mount faux wood blinds

  • The cordless faux blind is installed outside mount “OM or outside bracket “OB”, onto the window molding.
  • A pilot hole is drilled before installing the brackets with the screws that are provided in the package.
  • The cordless faux wood blind is a safe for kids, child safe blind that complies with ANSI Safety Standards.
  • A decorative crown valance is installed over the top head rail of the blind.
  • All hardware is included.

The video was shot at a vacant duplex apartment unit in Glendale, CA, during the time of the pandemic of the COVID-19 Corona Virus. Our company is a part of the construction industry and is is installing window coverings and screening products in vacant units as well as at new construction jobs.

How to install inside mount Faux Wood Blinds

  • Step 1 – Take Blind and hardware out of packaging
  • Step 2 – Install the brackets
  • Step 3 – Mount Valance Clips to the headrail of the blind
  • Step 4 – Slide head rail into the left side bracket and then into the right side bracket. Close both brackets.
  • Step 5 – Attached the wand to the wand control unit stem
  • Step 6 – Assemble the Crown Valance by adding corners and returns on
  • Step 7 – Attached valance to the valance clips
  • Step 8 – Test the shade. Pull the shade down by pulling down on the bottom rail. Rotate the wand to make sure the blind rotates both ways.
  • Tada! You install a cordless faux wood blind inside mount.
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