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How to Instructions

How to Instructions

Instructions on how to install, measure, repair & clean sliding screen doors, swinging screen doors, window screens & blinds. DIY do it yourself!

How to instructions categories

Tutorial Videos

The tutorial videos help people learn how to measure and install our sliding screen doors, swinging screen doors, and window screens.

Watch our How to measure a custom sliding screen door video. The tutorial video explains how to measure an exact width and height when an existing screen door is not available to measure.

How to measure a sliding screen door

Instructions when your Sliding Screen Door is missing or too bent to measure

  • Use a strong tape measure.
  • This instruction is to teach how to measure from track to top channel, when the screen door cannot be measured.
  • Best way to measure sliding screen doors when sliding screen door is missing.

How to measure a sliding screen door FRAME

Instructions on how to a Sliding Screen Door frame measurement

  • The frame measurement of a Sliding Screen Door is required for ordering.
  • Make sure old frame is not bent
  • Always measure corner to corner and never measure from the center of the frame
  • Provide width by height measurements

“Installing Screens allows fresh and cool air into the home while keeping the insects out of home.”

Steve Tristan, Expert
Isa Tristan Best Custom Screens spokesperson trains on installation and measure

How to Install a Sliding Screen Door

Isa shows us how to install a patio slider screen door

  • Installing the Economy Sliding Screen Doors or the EZ Slide Patio Sliding Screen Door is easier then you might think.
  • Always use the right tools for the job. See tools list.

How to Assemble a Screen Door Kit

A few easy steps to assemble the screen door kit

  • Follow these instructions to assemble a Sliding Screen Door Kit.
  • BCS Unassembled is partially assembled.
  • Easy to put together and for sliding screen doors only.
  • Nationwide shipping available.

How to measure window screens

Steve’s detailed tutorial on how to measure a window screen

  • The DIY way to accurately get screen measurements for windows.
  • There are two ways to get a proper measurement.
  • The first is when you have the old screen available and the second is measuring the window frame channel.

5 steps on how to clean window screens

Clean Screens using Screen Magic

  • Learn how to clean window screens using the Screen Magic Window Screen Cleaner

8 Steps on how to install a screen door

Steve’s detailed tutorial on how to a swinging screen door

  • Learn how to install a screen door in 8 simple steps.
  • The simple steps instructions is a summary of our how to install a screen door based on our video.
  • Installing a screen door is not for the beginner but great for the handy person
How to measure a screen door opening

How to measure a door opening

Tutorial on how to measure for a swinging screen door

  • Always measure width x height
  • Today we will discuss how to measure a door opening to install a swinging screen door.
  • FYI Hinges of the door can be placed on left or right side of the frame.

36 Steps on how to install French Screen Doors

What? Really? 36 Steps? Yes! It takes some time.

  • Two Swinging Screen Doors and a French Door Kit are needed
  • Experience in this video will help you save time
  • Follow the step by step instructions

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Unknown YouTuber

How to install cordless faux wood blinds

Learn how easy it is to install a horizontal blind

  • Key points on installing the faux wood blinds outside mount.
  • Hardware & crown valance included
  • Pre-Drill the Molding

How to install vertical blinds inside mount in 3 minutes

Professional Installer shows us how its done

  • Install a Vertical Blind in 3 Minutes
  • Inside the window frame mounted installation
  • Vertical Blinds are affordable for both apartments and houses

How to install a cordless roller shade in 1 minute

1 Minute Install

  • Don’t try this at home unless you know how to use tools!
  • Using your cordless driver / drill screw in a couple of brackets and snap in the roller shade.
  • It may take long to open the packaging.

How to Quick fix a stuck vertical blind

  • Repairing a vertical blind can be easier then you think
  • This quick fix of stuck vertical blind amazes many people.
  • Over 50,000 views and many comments of happy people who resolved their broken blind problem because of this video

Instructions for DIY Weekend Warriors

man painting walls in new apartment
You can do it yourself, and we can help

We love the do it yourselfer. Our business is built that way, and we cater to the handy person that wants to save money by purchasing quality products and then doing the installation themselves.

That’s why we’ve designed our products to be easy for home owners, apartment maintenance staff, handyman services and contractors to install themselves.

The Best Custom Screens window and door screens arrive fully assembled along with clear instructions, helpful measuring guides, and all the hardware you’ll need. DIY

How to instructions on measuring and installation are available on our website too.

Why should I buy online and not from Home Depot or Lowes Home Improvement?

Consider our standard 3 ft. x 8 ft. tall sliding screen doors. Big box stores regularly charge $350 to $400 for comparable products. Our delivered price is $150, and that’s for a better door with a stronger frame, more durable screening, and more dependable hardware.

With the big box stores expect to wait up to two weeks to receive a custom order. Most importantly, Best Custom Screens we ship your order to within five to seven business days. Our company simply offers better service, better products, and a better experience.

We don’t call ourselves Best Custom Screens for nothing. Our entire team lives up to our name every day, and with every order.

Online Company is the Best!

Mobile type screen companies make the bulk of their profit on installation, and if they don’t, they’re installing inferior products. It’s far more cost-effective to buy quality products and install them yourself. And by purchasing online, you’ll save money on covering your windows and doors, too!

How does the BCS packaging system help the DIY customer?

The BCS packaging system allows for fully assembled screen doors and window screens to be shipped to CA, AZ, NV, NM, OR, WA, ID affordably, and nationwide with additional freight cost.  The Unassembled screens and sliding screen doors, ship UPS or Fedex Ground nationwide. 

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