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How to Instructions » 8 Steps on how to install a screen door

8 Steps on how to install a screen door

8 Steps on How to Install a Screen Door – Quick & Easy Guide

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Learn how to mount a swinging door screen in eight easy steps for the DIY person or handyman.  Expert Steve Tristan trains Tony Meza on this video and we get to share in the experience through it. The instructions is a summary of our how to tutorial video on “How to install a screen door”.  The video is very detailed and a little long, but well worth the knowledge it provides. 

This is an EXCELLENT Video!! Thank you very much for being Detailed re: visual and verbal instruction. I searched many videos and am replacing a door on an older structure. More importantly, I really like the retractor higher than in the center. GREAT JOB!

Paul B. on YouTube

To purchase a swinging screen door please go to

Steve Tristan
7 Steps on how to install a screen. Infograph took out the first step of unpackaging the product.
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7!

Here are the instructions on 8 Steps on how to install a screen door

Step 1

Learn how to do it right

  • Take the Swinging Screen door out the packaging. 
  • Be sure not to use a knife as if could cut the screen mesh or scratch the frame. 
  • Use tin snips or scissors where needed.

Step 2

Mounting the Hinged U Channel

  • First, measure the door opening height on the side where you are going to mount the hinge u channel.
  • Second, cut it to size with a chop that cuts aluminum or a hacksaw.
  • Third, install the U Channel in place inside of the door frame
Cut side channel with miter saw
Cutting the side channel with the Evolution Miter Saw

Step 3

Mounting screen door to u channel

  • First, carefully slide the screen door into the hinged u channel.
  • Second, adjust to fit in the door frame (see video)
  • Third, install self tapping screws, using cordless drill on the inside and outside of the channel to
Learn how to install the screen door
Learn how a screen door installation is done
Measure height with Fat Max Tape measure
Measure the door opening height with a heavy duty tape measure
Slide screen door into side u channel
Slide screen door onto the side u channel
Attach by screwing in the self tapping screws that will hold screen door into place
Use self tapping screws to hold screen door into place

Step 4

Mounting the bottom door sweep u channel

  • First, measure door width of screen door and cut bottom channel to size.
  • Second, slide the bottom u channel into place.  Adjust as needed.
  • Third, install self tapping screws using cordless power drill / driver.

Step 5

Drilling hardware holes

  • First, attach drill hole guide on inside of screen door frame with masking tape.
  • Second, drill the holes with the correct size drill bits.  See guide and video for more details.

Step 6

Mounting the strike plate

  • First, close the screen door to match the guide to the interior of the door frame.
  • Second, mark the interior holes to the center of the guide by partially drilling the screw in.  No more then 1/8′ deep.
  • Third, mount the strike plate with screws and cordless drill.

Step 7

Installing the latch

  • First, assemble all required parts, see video for details.
  • Second, insert machine screw into the interior side of the screen door.
  • Third, tighten machine screws with a phillips screwdriver, hand tight.  Be careful not to over tighten.
  • Fourth, test the screen door is aligned with strike plate.  If not make adjustments.
Attached bottom plate using self tapping screws
After trimming bottom plate into place, then attach it with self tapping screws
Tape the template to the screen door frame
The drill hold template guide easier to drill holes in accurate place
Drill through the template into the door frame
Drill through the template into the door frame
By using the template you can mount the strike plate in the perfect place.
Mount the strike plate using the template
Screw the strike plate to the door frame
Attached strike plate to the door frame
    Install the door handle
    Install the door handle / locking latch
Use phillips screw driver and not a driver or drill. Do not over tighten.
Do not over tighten. Use hand held screw driver only.



  1. For accurate installation, follow instructions on drilling template
  2. Place spindle onto spring and insert them into outside handle
  3. Push this assembly through the drilled holes from the outside of door
  4. Then position latch mechanism over holes on inside of door and insert machine screws through door into threaded sleeves. Draw up firmly
  5. Position strike on stop to allow for positive latching.
  6. Pre-drill the wood stop with 3/32″ drill and attach with screws provided
LATCH Spring
Latch Spring
Latch assembly
Latch Assembly for screen door
Strike Plate diagram
Strike Plate
LATCH template for screen door
Latch Template for screen door
  1. With door in closed position, place template on inside of door at desired height so that short folded end is against door stop and long part of template is against face of door.
  2. Mark position of the three holes
  3. Using a 1/4″ & 5/16″ drill, bore the indicated holes straight through the face of the door. NOTE: Ream out center hole by inserting drill and rotating with a slight wobbling action to clear hole and allow complete  freedom of motion for spindle. SPINDLE MUST BE FREE

Step 8

Mounting Door Closer

  • Attach the bracket to the top of the door frame, assemble the door closer and screw into the top door frame. 
  • Please see video for mounting door closer.  There are many steps and details to view.
  • Test the screen door make sure the tension work on the door closer and that it closest properly.
Attached retractor to the door frame and the screen door
Screen Door Retractor Installation
test the screen door
Make Final Adjustments

What did you think about our 8 Steps on how to install a screen door ? Please leave comments on this page and on our YouTube Channel. Thank you.

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