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How to Instructions » How to Install a Sliding Screen Door

How to Install a Sliding Screen Door

Install a Sliding Screen Door comfortably following few steps.

Installing our Economy Sliding Screen Door is simple and straightforward than you are thinking of.

Isa is gonna install this sliding screen door on the track successfully within one and half minute. Watch this 1.50 minute video to get a visual understanding.

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Isa installing sliding screen door.

Required tools to install a sliding screen door

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Metal putty knife or flat head screwdriver
  • Cordless drill with Phillips bit
  • Pencil

Step by step guide to install sliding screen door.

  1. Attached plastic track guides to the top of the right side of the frame and then to the left side.
  2. Take your sliding screen door and carefully insert the top wheel and frame up into the top channel
  3. use your putty knife or flat head screwdriver to lift lower wheels over the bottom track.
  4. If wheels do not raise then use the Philips head screwdriver to turn the set screw clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the wheel outside of the frame.
  5. Slide wheels and bottom frame after the bottom track.
  6. Use silicone spray or Aluma-Lub on the bottom track and wheels for smooth sliding.
  7. Set j-hook for latch.
  8. You will need the cordless drill, the j-hook, self-drilling screw and track guides are attached on to the black latch in a clear plastic bag.
  9. Remove it.  Mark the frame where the metal latch is located then mark the frame where the j-hook is going to mount.
  10. Install the j-hook with provided screws, adjust if needed.  Test the screen door to make sure everything works.
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