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Blog » An easy way on how to read a tape measure with Aidan & Steve

An easy way on how to read a tape measure with Aidan & Steve

Reading a tape measure is always confusing. It’s mostly because we do not use it regularly. A tape measure is only needed when we need to do any household works. Such as taking the measurement of a door to repair it, changing screen doors, draperies, shades of the windows, altering cloths, making adjustments to the furniture’s and so on. In fact the tape measure is the most basic tool we have in our home.

Who Use Tape Measure

From civil engineers to aerospace engineer, handyman to interior designer no-one can perform without using a tape measure. In Best Custom Screens our single job can not be done without a tape measure. As a matter of fact that our customers should also know how to read tape measure to avoid unexpected wrong measurement issues.

Why Should We Learn Using Tape Measure

People always think that it’s a task of a handyman to take the measurements and install screen doors or window treatments. But today it’s getting expensive to hire a handyman specially when thats a job for 10 to 20 minutes. Being handy with tape measure and other tools will make you more comfortable to accomplish the task yourself.

Accepting The New Normal

Despite of saving money the new world situation making us to think if we should let unknown people or outsider inside of home in this Covid or pandemic situation.

Make your kids more active and enthusiastic

Aiden is a school going kid and a very energized and enthusiastic guy learns using the basic tools during the Pandamic instead of spending time playing video games all day long. He is the only son of the Director operation Steve Tristan at Best Custom Screens.

Active Kid Trying to measure

So today Aiden wants to show how to read a tape measure with his dad Steve. Hope you’ll all enjoy the video.

My son Aidan and I go over the basics on how to read a tape measure. We find that many people make errors when measuring for their window screens and screen doors. Always measure twice and write down once. #tapemeasurehack

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