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  • Kaiyum 

Tip of the week

Vertical blinds are designed to provide you with fresh air and sun in your house. They are usually installed via brackets, from which they are hung using string or rope. Sometimes, the strings can break or the headrail may get bent or damaged, thus rendering them harder to use. It is possible to fix such vertical blinds without replacing them with a new set for a long time. But sometimes, they get jammed and then it becomes a huge problem for you. There is no need to worry if this happens to you. In this article, I am going to tell you how to solve the common issues of vertical blinds and how you can do the maintenance task by yourself.

Annoyed for jammed vertical blinds? Good news — here is your blindandscreen fix tips!!.

You’ve sadly found that your blinds are jammed. You take a closer look, and you find that they are so wound around one another that they are stuck in place. You must now formulate a plan of attack on getting them to move again without damaging them too much. By following these steps you can keep the integrity of your blinds and ensure that you have clean and beautiful window treatments for years to come.

Solution: Find the source of the jam instead forcing the blind if they seem stuck.

  • First, detect if the slats are properly aligned in the clips, the ends are all uniform and the slats are not tucked behind one another.
    (Just rotate them in place if you see that problem.)
  • Next, silicone spray into the headrail. WD40 causes blinds to get black and makes a mess in the home.
  • Lastly, make sure the silicone spray is evenly coated by closing and opening the vertical blind a few times.
    That’s all you have to do to fix a jammed vertical blind.

Maintaining the vertical blinds at their finest requires you to be proactive and make the upkeep a habit. By doing a small task over and over again, you can prevent any issues from developing in the future. Vertical blinds are often neglected and require a bit of attention every now and then.

The above are three quick fixes to vertical blinds, yet there are many more. In case the issues still exist, you can call for a professional repair services.

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