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Kaiyum Ahmed

Kaiyum Ahmed

Bio of Kaiyum Ahmed, International Operations Administrator.

Kaiyum Ahmed is an International Operations Administrator, Virtual Staff Manager, and Online Marketing Manager at Best Custom Screens, who lives in Chittagong, Bangladesh.  He is a fitness freak, energetic person who hopes to be a part of a new startup business one day.

He has chosen to telecommute his work to avoid the day to day commute to an office. He appreciates the added time he can spend with his family and fitness, rather than spending two hours of daily commuting.

Starting his career as a freelancer in a 3rd world country and a strict eastern culture is not easy. People surrounding him never encouraged him for this type of career.  They always suggested a conventional office job.

Today, he shows a tremendous amount of credibility, competence, and humility.  All keys factors to work in an organization like Best Custom Screens. Kaiyum also finds encouragement and motivation from the type of training he has received by being a part of a team within the company.  Especially, the Tony Robbins training he accomplished on how to manage your time, the RPM planner, and how it all ties together into his rigorous workout and schedule. Most noteworthy, he has a very strong mental and spiritual life.  “All the training and Mr Tristan’s mentoring has really helped me be more motivated in having an active life and how to live life to it’s fullest,” Kaiyum said.

Professional Life:

In the 7 years of having a professional online career, he has successfully worked for several employers.  Above all, he has found a new home at Best Custom Screens. He joined the company in 2017 as the virtual assistant for the Director of Operations, Steve Tristan.  Kaiyum is quickly working his way up the ladder because he has an amazing work ethic and he believes in the company mission.

His responsibilities include coordinating administrative services of the organization, such as records and information management, email distribution and other office support services. Kaiyum was recently promoted to International Operations Administrator and manages the web development, SEO, and marketing teams of the company.

Education and recognition:

Kaiyum studied Business Studies and holds a Masters Degree from the National University of

Bangladesh. Out of passion to know law he acquired Bachelors of Law (LL.B) from the same university.

Personal Life:

Kaiyum is the first born son of Mr. and Mrs. Ahmed. His father is retired and was an accountant by profession based in Dubai. His mother is a homemaker and raised their children with moral values.  Growing up in an upper middle class family in a third world country has given him a deep love for humanity. It especially taught him deep humility and to value others. Most importantly, his family lead him in example to help others in need and to have sympathy towards the deprived portion of the society.

Mr Kaiyum Ahmed has been married to his wife for 7 years.  The couple is blessed with one son, and they hope to have more children in the near future.

Lastly, he enjoys working out by jogging and lifting weights daily, but he really enjoys spending time with his family, especially with his parents.  He appreciates reading books, learning to expand his mind, and is a fashion enthusiast.

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