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Blog » Keep your kids away from bugs.

Keep your kids away from bugs.

  • Kaiyum 

Keep your kids away from bugs

It’s summer time and we all are enjoying to it’s fullest. But Itchy red bites might seem like an inevitable part of this season. We swat, spray, or move away from bugs when they bug us but our kids and babies cant.

Most of the children have mild reactions to insect bites yet some become very sick. Moreover mosquitoes are a big headache as they spread dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever, filariasis, tularemia, dirofilariasis and many more.

Insect repellent is widely used to protect child from insect bites.

To protect our child from biting insects we all think of repellents but it’s important that insect repellents are used safely. We would like to request you to go through Insect Bite and Repellant Safety Tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics 

However, we tried to cover all the ways how we can prevent and treat bug bites. Let’s take a look..

Avoid Insects:

We all know mosquitoes are active at dawn and dusk while other insects are out during late afternoon and early evening. So knowing this we can avoid them
during that timeframe. Most of the time our child plays at that time, in that case we should dress our kids in light coloured clothing and obviously with long sleeves.


Rethink using bug repellents on newborn babies. Even the DEET free repellents are not safe for them. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strictly suggested not to use repellents on newborn baby. So be very careful from making your baby bug buffet. Stay inside the home during dusk and dawn as the bugs
are so active during that time.
10% to 30% DEET is recommended to two month old babies. FYI, 10% DEET gives protection for 2 hours and 30% DEET gives protection for 5 hours. We suggest not to expose kids to repellent any longer than necessary, wash off when they are inside home.

Make your house safe:

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