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Knock knock burglars caught in the San Fernando Valley

LAPD arrest knock knock burglars

Knock knock burglars caught in the San Fernando Valley

Knock knock burglars caught in the san fernando valley.  LAPD has a task force investigating a series of knock knock burglaries in the San Fernando Valley.  Several arrests have been made.

Police say that some of the men who were arrested stated that he would be out of jail in a couple of days and would come back to the same area to commit burglaries.  He even said that he would not spend more than six months in jail.

LAPD investigators believe that of the 1,000 burglaries reported in the department’s West Valley Area last year, that approximately 25% of them were organized knock knock type burglaries. Celebrities Nicki Minaj, Derek Fisher, and Yasiel Puig homes were involved in burglaries recently.

When the task force was announced last Friday, police did not say it was in response to the burglaries at celebrities’ homes. In any case those incidents did involve thefts of hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry.

Report Suspicious Activity in Neighborhoods

“We need community members to call the police when they observe suspicious activity in their neighborhoods,” LAPD Capt. Rafael Ramirez said in a statement. “We have dedicated every available resource to identify, track and arrest this type of criminal behavior occurring in the San Fernando Valley.

While there have been a rash of burglaries in the west San Fernando Valley, police could not say whether they were the work of one crew, or even if the celebrity burglaries were connected. Police say the burglars are usually made up of gang members from South Los Angeles and typically target affluent single-family homes on the likelihood they have money, jewelry or firearms.

They knock on the front door to determine if the home is empty.  They’ll come around the back to break in and usually in and out in less than 5 minutes.  Professional burglaries must be a new career in crime.  I wonder if Al Capone had this idea back in the day?

I remember when this almost happened to us

We wrote a blog about the knock knock burglars who attempted to gain access to our house when we were home.  Those punks ran off, after I scared them.  I am glad I was home.  Check the article from last year.

Knock knock burglars – how to prevent home invasion using security screen doors

Knock knock burglars – how to prevent home invasion using security screen doors.  I would like to share an incident that happened to my family about two weeks ago: