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Blog » Company founder feeds Lion in Las Vegas

Company founder feeds Lion in Las Vegas

  • Kaiyum 

Lion is fed by Juanita Tristan

Juanita Tristan, one of the companies founders, fed a Lion at the Lion Habitat Ranch in Las Vegas, NV. This was an amazing experience for her! She loves animals so much and says that feeding the lion was exhilarating. As she went to feed the male lion, he roared with a sound that was deafening. It echoed all throughout the habitat and into the ears of all those who were near. Given that Juanita was so close to the lion, she felt his roar all throughout her body, even down to her bones. It resonated so well with her that she will never forget the experience and wishes to feed the lion again.

Continue reading to watch the video of the Lion being fed.

Spokesperson Loves Giraffes

The entire family visited the Lion Habitat. Isa the companies spokesperson who helps with how to videos on YouTube loves Giraffes. She felt it was a once in a lifetime chance to feed Ozzie the Giraffe. Just look at her smile and the way she looks up at him.

“Smiling at each other was the best part of my day” Isa Tristan

Artist Giraffe Paints in Las Vegas

Ozzie is known as an artist. He is a painting Giraffe. He takes a paint brush in his mouth and makes his own artwork. While visiting the Lion Habitat you can purchase paintings and t shirts that he has painted. Don’t worry ever piece of art is an original. 😉

We all love animals in our own way. Let’s save them for the sake of our better living on this planet. Nature gives us the ultimate power of living and loving. Animals as pets are such agreeable friends of a household, but no should ever keep a lion as a pet.  They are very dangerous and should be respected as such.

I watched a guy get sprayed when he stepped over the safety line. LOL
Bentley made those pesky tourist stand back from his enclosure. The sign say 15 Ft he says

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