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Blog » Los Angeles County West Nile Virus

Los Angeles County West Nile Virus

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Los Angeles County West Nile Virus

Within the last year, Los Angeles County has seen a rise in West Nile Virus cases with over 200 being reported and leading to the death of 17 individuals. In a recent report for the Los Angeles Times, L.A. County is the 3rd highest in West Nile Virus cases with that number expected to increase. Record high fall temperatures are contributing to the rise in cases as warmer weather helps the virus to spread in a much rapid rate.

The mosquito-carried virus also affects animals such as birds, horses, in addition to humans. Once infected, a person can start to exhibit symptoms such as fevers, nausea, vomiting and other serious complications that can lead to seeking immediate medical attention. Coma, paralysis, and vision loss are other serious possible causes from untreated West Nile Virus illnesses.

Mosquitoes are the main culprit in the West Nile Virus spreading. Because of this public officials are issuing several safety precautionary tips to help the public avoid infection. Mosquitoes love to congregate in places where standing water exists. Thus, water conditions must be eliminated whenever possible. Also, make sure to wear shirts with longer sleeves and pants that cover your entire leg. This will help you avoid mosquito bites when you are outside. Have insect repellent applied in areas where they are known to exist. Mosquitoes also love to roam  during the dawn to dusk period so don’t be active outside at that time.

All windows and patio doors must be properly covered with tight fitting screens; No rips or tears. Protect your houses and homes against these invaders! Don’t hesitate to replace damaged screens. Screens are affordable and the cost of replacing them is well worth it. What id you received a mosquito bite from a West Nile Virus carrier?!? The odds may appear to be long but new data suggests that those odds are now increasing in the chances and why take a chance with yourself and your loved ones?

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