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Meet Our Pets

Meet our Pets

We love animals.  In my lifetime we have owned many dogs and some cats.  We cannot get enough of them.  We love our pets because they are truly a part of the family.

Meet Bea

Meet Bea! This is Isa Tristan here at I See Isa’s Corner! I’m so excited to show you our newest edition to our pets.

Bea is such a sweetheart. We saved her from the pound recently and we’re so glad we did. She’s an 8 year old English bulldog and Boxer mix with a golden heart!

Look at her little pudgy face and gentle eyes 🙂 She is about 50 years in dog years & has become the companion of our gentle giant, Hercules.

Her appearances will be frequent here at I See Isa’s Corner. I can’t wait to share more of our furry friends with you!

Meet Little Girl

doggy little girl dog Serious look Little Girl Dog Little Girl Dog red collar

Meet Little Girl! I See Isa’s Corner is back again with your spokesperson Isa Tristan here! Take a look at our dear Little Girl.

She is currently around 8 to 10 years old. We’re unsure because we found her. She’s our beautiful stray doggy.

When we first found her she was hiding under a car and was super dirty with oil or grease. My mom cleaned her up and found that she was severely emaciated and dehydrated. We lifted the back of her fur and it stood up.

Meet Hercules

Meet Hercules or Herc for short! Isa Tristan here at I See Isa’s Corner.

This giant doggy is currently 9 years old, that’s around 70 years old in dog years! He’s getting up there. He really is a handsome goober. Just look at him 🙂

This Newfoundland is actually the runt of his litter. The average weight for a male Newfie is 130 – 150 pounds but he weighs about 120 pounds.

This kind giant will make plenty of appearances here at I See Isa’s Corner. I’m so excited!

Meet Mimz

Meet Mimz! This is Isa Tristan here with the start of our new blog, I See Isa’s Corner. He will be making many appearances here at I See Isa’s Corner.

Mimz is our adopted stray kitty. We found him on June 2nd. He is currently about 5 months old. Look at him. He has 2 different colored eyes, one is blue and the other is hazel brown. Isn’t he adorable? 🙂

The fact that he lets my siblings do anything to him is hilarious. This handsome kitty wore bread on his face. Wow what a fashion statement! Watch him and other crazy cats struggle with bread on their face!

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