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Blog » Mosquitos are making me crazy!

Mosquitos are making me crazy!

Mosquitoes drive me crazy!

I am really getting tired of getting bit by mosquitoes.  I currently have 5 bites on my right arm, 6 on my left arm, several on each hand, one which is on my ring finger and it’s very irritated from my wedding ring.  It also drives me crazy when I see that the darn mosquito bit right on my vein on my hand. Ugh! Also I have at least a dozen bites on my legs and more on my feet.  This really sucks!

Insect Spray isn’t always the best solution

I bought flying insect spray over at the local Walmart and decided one evening before going to bed to spray the bedroom.  Me not thinking and not realizing that you need to leave the room closed for at least 20 minutes, so that it kills the bugs.  Then we had to open the door and the windows to let it air out. I ended up falling asleep on the sofa until the next morning.   Guess what? That night I still got bit because I was in the living room and we didn’t spray that area. There has got to be a better solution.

Have to do the honey do’s

I have been really trying to figure out why am I and two of my children are getting bit when nobody else in the house is getting bit.  Also what is it I am having a problem with these pests? We work for a screens company and we have installed window screens and screen doors all over our house.

Then it hit me! I came to the realization that the painter removed our back screen door when he painted and reinstalled it. It’s the door we come in and out of most of the time, since we park our cars in the driveway in the back .    No wonder. Take it from my own experience. Be sure to have a fully functioning good quality screen door especially at the door you enter and exit the most. I am going to be reinstalling our screen door on the back door today. I will let you all know how it goes.  Thanks for reading my rantings about these darn mosquitoes.   

California change in weather

Conditions in California have become more tropical recently because of the massive amount of rain fall that we had in the winter and spring.  It has created a similar situation like in other tropical countries like Bangladesh.

Our Overseas Manager Kaiyum, has shared his experience with us.

Interview with Kaiyum:

Why did you guys install screen doors in the house?  To get rid and keep out the freaking mosquitoes which are most annoying thing.  Especially during the summer season which brings the nightmare of itchy mosquito bites.

Also, there were lots of lizards and cockroaches in our house.  The screen doors have saved us from the irritating pests.

When did you do it?  Approximately 2 months ago we had the screen doors installed on our sliding doors.  I didn’t really know about window and door screens until I came to work at Best Custom Screens several years now.  We did not have them before.  People don’t really use them here.  BD being a country in poverty the wealthy are usually the only ones who have window and door screens.  We decided that it was important for our families health to purchase.  I bought them from a local company.  I wish I could have bought them from Best Custom Screens, but it doesn’t make sense to ship them entirely around the world.

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