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Why Best Custom Screens?

Why Best Custom Screens?

Who are we?

Best Custom Screens in a privately owned small business. Its principal owner and President is Steve Tristan. Starting from very humble beginnings Steve’s professional and personal life has been arduous with its ups and downs. His childhood was surrounded by poverty, abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction but that did not hinder him. Steve made a decision at a very young age to not be like the people around him and drove himself to be successful and he learned to have deep faith in God. He took that passion, as well as driven hard work into his business life which extends throughout the company.

For Best Custom Screens, it’s all about service; service to our customers, the community, God, and each other. We believe that uncompromising quality and impeccable customer service are the foundation on which a strong company is built. That’s been our goal from the very beginning and it remains so today.

Our story began in 2002 when Steve and Juanita Tristan took a leap of faith. By starting their first company, JT Blinds. Serving local customers in the San Fernando Valley. Their home business quickly blossomed beyond their wildest expectations! They soon found themselves opening their first location in Mission Hills, CA.

Juanita and Steve in New York

New offices and a manufacturing location are added because more customers trusted the Tristan’s with their business. Soon the company had outgrown its local market and went national. This was in order to offer the finest quality window and door screening products online through JT Blinds and its subsidiaries Blind and Screen and Best Custom Screens.

While Best Custom Screens has grown tremendously since its inception, its soul has remained the same. We still humbly submit that we would be nothing without our customer’s loyalty, and we work every day to earn their trust with the personal service they have come to expect.

Our Staff is Our Family

Most of our employees have been with us since the beginning, and we care for each other as if we’re family. We trust each other implicitly, knowing that we all carry the company banner in our hearts. Each of us is a champion for the company and our customers.

staff at company Christmas Party
staff at company Christmas Party

We make certain that every staff member receives the finest training available, and we push each other on a daily basis to be better than we were the day before. This has created a company culture that values constant improvement over “business as usual.” We strive to build each other up, preferring cooperation over competition. We see it as an expression of our faith and the greatness each of us possesses.

Our Customers Are Our Lifeblood

We provide local installation and re-screening for customers in the greater Los Angeles area, as well as nationwide sales and shipping. Our customers are as varied as our products, ranging from individual homeowners to large construction firms, facilities management companies, apartment complexes, the hospitality industry, and more.

No matter whether you’re a small handyman service or a busy general contractor, a real estate agent or a real estate investor we provide the same rigorous, personalized service that has taken us from a small garage to a nationwide company. We appreciate all of you and we work tirelessly to make sure you are satisfied.

When You Place Quality Before Profit, Profit Usually Follows

Unlike some companies, we never compromise on the quality of our products in order to boost our profits. We believe this is shortsighted. When you diminish the integrity of your offerings, you cheat your customers out of the products they deserve. Eventually, they’ll find someone else, and your short term gains will turn to losses.

Instead, we place a high value on excellence. We know that if we provide the market with peerless custom products at an affordable price, profitability will follow.

Our Team is motivated

Firewalkers at UPW Unleash the Power from within at Tony Robbins event
We all walked on HOT Coals!

Most of our staff have been with us since the beginning.  We have a family environment and always strive for the best.  Our training enhances our skills and helps us in our own lives too. Plus, we also train our staff in the methods and events taught by Tony Robbins, like UPW Unleash the Power from Within where we walked on Hot coals! 

Plus others like; Business Mastery, Life Mastery, Date with Destiny, RPM, and coaching.  We have meetings structured around these proven methods used by millions of businesses around the world.  Most importantly, we are guided by our faith and we always strive a change the world one person at a time.

Our Company Best Custom Screens

Our company Best Custom Screens was originally established in 2002 in Los Angeles, California.  Today, our manufacturing, assembly facilities, and offices have grown to multiple locations.  Locations include Los Angeles, Fontana, Sacramento, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. 

We are proud to serve our customers and the community with our knowledge and expertise.  Our company slogan is “Shielding your windows and doors”.  Most of all, protecting the home from the harmful sun rays and disease carrying insects

Specializing in

First of all, Best Custom Screens specializes in selling window and door screening products online and shipping nationwide!  In addition, we also offer installation, repair service, and re-screening to the Greater Los Angeles area. Our top quality best selling products include, Patio Sliding Screen Doors, Window Screens with fiberglass screening, and retractable screens. 

In addition, we offer a wide variety of Custom Wickets, aluminum Phifer wire screens, Better Vue, and Ultra Vue.  As well as, Suntex 80 and 90 Sun Screens also known as solar screens.  Also, Sun Screens for Skylights, Swinging Screen Doors, Pet Doors, Pet Screen, Security Screen Doors, and Storm Doors.

Best Custom Screens screen door frames

We sell our products directly to many types property management companies.  Partnering with apartment buildings, rental units, rental houses, rental condo’s, senior housing, student housing. 

As well as facilities management, maintenance managers, service managers, hospitals, hotels, motels and the handy man. 

We also serve the construction industry.  Including contractors, developers, remodeling companies, house flippers and general contractors. Also, residential locations include houses, condominiums, townhouses, homeowners, and real estate agents and companies.

Our company combines the experience of many hard working individuals to process and manufacture every order.  Our customer service, sales and marketing, web developers, search engine optimization, production, shipping, quality control, and installation crews. 

patio screen manufacturing

Everyone is here to serve you, our customers!  From the moment you contact us, you’ll see why choosing us makes sense when it comes to buying the best custom screens and screen doors.

Furthermore, we are professionally trained to find the perfect solution for your home, and can accurately answer questions.  In addition, we offer assembled shipping to areas in California, Arizona, and Nevada. 

As well as un-assembled sliding screen doors ship nationwide, which are simple to put together. Most of all, we offer affordable and durable high-quality products that are built to last!!!!  

Choose Best Custom Screens, the company that “shields your windows and doors”.


Why Best Custom Screens is the Best Choice for Your Window Screens and Screen Doors

When you contact us for your window screens and sliding screen door needs, you’ll experience precisely why shopping online with local values makes sense and is more beneficial for you.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we focus on reliable products at an affordable price and providing professional service that you can trust for years to come.  We also offer installation services, re-screen, & repairs along with specialized truck delivery throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas, southwestern delivery and nationwide shipping available.

Are you in need of new window screens or screen doors for your home? Look no further than Best Custom Screens! Our high-quality products and exceptional customer service make us the best choice for all your screening needs. Learn more about why we’re the top choice for homeowners looking for reliable and durable screens.

U.S. Made & Delivered in America

Manufacturing, assembly facilities, distribution and shipping locations are located in Los Angeles, CA, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Mission Hills, CA, Visalia, CA and Dallas, TX. Our production staff is well trained and many have over 30 years experience in the industry.

As a knowledgeable closely-held private and operated business, we’ve provided exceptional custom patio sliding screen doors and window screen replacements for houses, apartments, condominiums and businesses throughout California. 

In Southern California our founding location is where we established and operate our full service business, which includes installation, repair, and re-screening.  Our company supplies a vast variety of screening products to our valued customers.  We are enthusiastic about serving our members of each community to best of our abilities.


Additionally, we provide shipping services to customers nationwide. Our company strives to keep you our customers happy and satisfied with our products and service. Fully assembled screen doors ship either GLS in western U.S. States or common carrier freight company throughout the rest of the nation. Unassembled screen door kits, normal sized window screens, hardware and blinds generally ship via UPS or Fedex Ground. 

We offer installation and repair – re-screening services throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

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