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Why Best Custom Screens? » Only the Best Custom Screens

Only the Best Custom Screens

Always choose the best for your window screens and screen doors


Why choose Best Custom Screens? The short answer is because it’s right in our name. BEST! Best Custom Screens always strives to always do our best. We understand that sometimes anyone can fail, but ask for forgiveness and do our best to move forward to provide quality products and service.

  • Order online with ease
  • Free How to instructions and DIY Videos
  • Best Quality Products
  • Affordable pricing
  • Ask the Expert
  • Durable packaging
  • Installation available in select areas
  • Handyman Referral Network
  • Get a job
  • Faith
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Ordering Online on our site is easy

Order online today here at Best Custom Screens. Visit our online store for a large selection of screens and blinds. Our website offers screening products including mosquito net sliding doors, window nets, mosquito net door kits, mosquito net hinged swing doors, retractable mosquito nets, roller shades, vertical blinds and solar screens. 

Best Custom Screens is already a recognized leader in the 8-foot sliding door market, and with the addition of these new services, they look to expand their role as an online authority in the screens and curtains market. Our door and window mosquito nets are fully assembled and come with clear instructions, helpful measurement guides and all the necessary hardware to make installation easy. 

What are we known for

The best custom screens for low cost sliding doors, classic sliding doors and heavy duty patio sliding doors are manufactured and designed with the utmost care. Best Custom Screens is an online supplier and local installation company for Mosquito Nets, Mosquito Nets, Vertical Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Roller Blinds, Honeycomb Blinds and Blinds. Custom made mosquito screens are made for a variety of spaces including windows, doors and large openings such as patios, garage doors and gazebos. BCS Sliding Door Kit disassembled/partially assembled to order with beveled frames, inserted corners and Phifer fiberglass screen.

Service area

Services in Los Angeles County include mosquito net door installation, retractable mesh door installation, patio mesh, mosquito net repair, mesh door repair, curtain installation, mesh maintenance, blind repairs and installs, fiberglass rescreening, aluminum mesh rescreening, door screen measurement, pet screen installation, but we are not a mobile screening service. 

Serving the local community since 2002. The family owned and operated business has been providing homeowners with quality replacement window screens, screen doors, and screen repairs for over 30 years. Since then, we’ve expanded to multiple locations to provide communities like yours with high-quality door and window screens that can improve your home and quality of life.

Lastly, we work with brands like Phifer Screening, Active Screens, Genius Products and Larsen Storm Doors.

Free How To Instructions & DIY Videos

Why choose Best Custom Screens? Because we offer free stuff! Best Custom Screens offers many free how-to instructions and articles with tricks, do-it-yourself projects, organization tips, and more to make life at home easier. If you’re looking for ideas around the window or door and DIY projects, then look no further. This is a great place to start.

Many of our how-to guides come with carefully crafted instructional videos to make your life easier. Browse our library of guides for expert help at home, on the go or at work. Follow step-by-step instructions to complete your project with expert guidance. 

Listing of Top Tutorials

Best Quality Products

With more than 30 years of experience, we have tried and tested virtually every product in the window coverings and screening industries. Therefore we have created a high quality product line that provides durability and ease of use. Plus you get to save a few bucks too when order online!

Why choose Best Custom Screens? Because we have the best products! Here are the Quality Screen Products I recommend.


I will get right to the point. The best price available online is here at Best Custom Screens. 

  • Economy Sliding Screen Doors 
  • Window Screens for Vinyl Windows
  • All Product are affordable

Ask the Expert

Why do we proclaim that we are experts? Our founder Steve Tristan is the true expert. He is not self proclaimed because it’s originally our customers who gave Steve the title. It all started when a large builder contacted the company and wanted to hire our company to install over 1,000 roller shades in a new construction apartment building project. They stated “We watched your YouTube video on how to install cordless vertical blinds and we want to hire the expert to do our project”. Steve was humbled by their statement and of course we installed the project with ease. 

Durable Packaging

Why choose Best Custom Screens? Because we have the best packaging. Fully Assembled and it makes it to your door in one piece!  Yes!  Best of all, Screen doors are boxed and shipped in an exclusive package system! 

There, it allows our company to ship Assembled diy Sliding Screen Doors to all the major cities in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, & Washington.  Rural areas and other states are available using the Unassembled Economy Sliding Screen Door  also known as partially assembled.

Installation available in select areas

Why choose Best Custom Screens? Because Installation is available in Los Angeles County and sorrounding areas. Vist the Service Call page to order installation

install available

Price is subject to change. Best Custom Screens or Best Install Team does not take responsibility for customers measurements. Price may change due to variance in product, sizes, color, screening specifications, etc.  Does not include the cost of the product.  Every order for installation service requires the product be purchased on the same order. Only available in some areas of Southern California and Las Vegas.  Not available in rural areas. Price is subject to change until the installer inspects job.  Price does not include high rise buildings or hard to reach locations, second story windows, ladder charges, or scaffolding charges.

Handyman Referral Network

BCS has a free listing of handyman services businesses available for the consumer to have their screens and blinds installed. We discovered that some of our customers really wanted to buy from our website but they did not have anyone to install it for them. Not everyone is a DIY person and we are here to help the best we can. See the to find a local person to install your screen doors and window screens. 

Be your own boss on the job

Get a job with BCS

Our company is always looking for new talent both virtually, at our shop and in the field. See our Jobs page for more information. 


In today’s world and this time in history, it is hard to find people of true faith. Our company and its ownership is Traditional Catholic Christian based. Our morals and code are Judeo Christian Greco Roman based. Being true followers of Jesus we always have open hearts and at the same time we are tough as nails. Finding a good balance in our personal and professional lives is what we all strive for. We start our day with morning routines by praying, reading scripture, working out, taking cold showers, eating healthy and staying in a peak state. 

Another day in the office BCS
Wow Saint Michael!

Our company has looked to Saint Michael the Archangel to protect us and our customers who purchase our products. We have dedicated our company in honor of Saint Michael because he is the protector of the church and the patron saint of Police and the Military. Security is the key and our company helps secure and protects homes with our screening and window covering products. We have also designed our company logo with the shield of Michael. For more information visit our page

More Helpful Information

Cleaning screens regularly prolongs their life and improves ventilation. Regular cleaning of window and door frames will significantly extend the life of the frames by removing salt and airborne dirt that accelerates corrosion.

We manufacture mosquito nets in-house and partner with major industry leaders to provide you with mosquito nets and security doors to protect your home from drafts and insects. At Best Custom Screen, we offer a wide range of customized mosquito nets from different brands to best suit your needs.

We will make all the custom screens you need, no more, no less, and we will match all the existing screens in your home. 

Shopping at BCS

When you shop with us, you can really get a mosquito net or mosquito net that can serve you whether you are looking for a special mesh material or a custom size. We specifically order high quality American made sliding and swinging screen doors and manufacture them to fit perfectly with your sliding door entry.

They not only help save money, but also allow you to open windows day and night without fear that something will go bad inside. They filter out bad things so you can breathe easily even when all windows and doors are closed for a few days during the fall or winter holidays. Mosquito screens are an important element of residential and commercial windows that keep insects out and can provide additional protection from the sun. 

When you contact us for your window screens and sliding screen door needs, you’ll experience precisely why shopping online with local values makes sense and is more beneficial for you. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we focus on reliable products at an affordable price and providing professional service that you can trust for years to come.  We also offer installation services, re-screen, & repairs along with specialized truck delivery throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas, southwestern delivery and nationwide shipping available.

America's Best Screen Door Company - Shielding Your Windows & Doors since 2002