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The Best Doggy Door Guide to Training Your dog on How to Use a Pet Door

The Best Doggy Door Guide to Training Your dog on How to Use a Pet Door

Pet door training can be a fun, yet challenging, process for pet owners.

With the right & best doggy door, patience, and guidance, your pet will be confidently using their new door in no time. Learn how to properly install and use your pet door for a successful training experience.

It’s very common to see that all the pet owners want their pets to use a doggy door and move in and out independently. It makes both the pets and their owners comfortable. Pet doors for cats and dogs are being so popular these days as they give a very pleasant experience. If you want to make your pets more vibrant and spirited then pet door is the very primary thing to go with.

Pet Doors Available at Best Custom Screens

Choose The Right Pet Door Size and Installation Location

When shopping for a pet door, it’s important to consider both the size and location of the door. Selecting a door that is too big or small can mean unnecessary struggle or stress on the household and your pet. Visit our Sliding Screen Door with mounted Pet Door for a chart of dog breeds and sizes to help you calculate what size is needed for your pooch.

Additionally, consider mounting the door in an area where there is plenty of room and safety from potential hazards like sharp corners. Make sure you’re familiar with any local laws regarding installation of pet doors as well.

Install the Pet Door Properly

Proper installation is key to successful pet door training. Make sure the door fits snugly in the doorway with the seal and flaps properly attached. Doing so creates an airtight seal for maximum energy efficiency, which can make your pet more comfortable using the pet door. See our instructions on how to mount a pet door.

Train Your Pet to use the Pet Door

The next step in training your pet to use the pet door is actually teaching them how to use it! Start by having them stand near the doorway and going through the motions of opening and closing the flaps. Show your pet that there’s nothing to be afraid of, and gradually reward them with treats when they eventually walk through the door. Repeat this process until they understand how to use the door.

After install a sliding screen door with the Security Boss Pet Door, Steve Tristan helps pet owners teach their dog “Ram” how to go through the Doggy Door. Some training is required until your dog gets used to the doggie door. He will love the access to the backyard and freedom to come in or out when he wants. Watch this video.

Offer Positive Reinforcement for Using the Pet Door

When you’ve taught your pet to use the door effectively, it’s time to start offering positive reinforcement. This could be in the form of treats, verbal praise, or simply giving them extra playtime. Once they understand that using the pet door is pleasant, they will be much more likely to use it again. Remember to also reward going through the door in their direction of choice- this will further teach them how to use it properly and confidently.

TOP REASONS Dogs are unwilling to use doggy door

Most of the time dogs are afraid to use a doggy door as its completely a new experience to them. There are some other reasons as well behind the hesitation in using doggy door. Lets discover them today..

  • Pet owners try to improve the quality of their pets life. However, the animals always hesitate to use it or confused as they are unfamiliar with it. As time goes by they become comfortable on it.
  • Wrong size pet door is another main reason behind the unwillingness of using pet door. Please make sure to install a perfect size doggy door to make it convenient.
  • Wrongly build pet door and the bad quality component can also make a dog reluctant to not using it. If the dog has to push the door hardly or if the doggy door is mounted wrongly then obviously it will not attract you pet using it.
Dogs ask to Love Me
  • A good training can make your dog feel comfortable to use a dog door. Make a positive vibe whenever the dog goes nearby the doggy door. Have patience and appreciate even if it takes several attempt for them to walk through the door. Train them in a playfully. The cats can also be trained in a same way to use a pet door.
  • Determine the right size of a pet door. The size should be determined according to their size and breed. A dog door size can vary even upon the breed apart from the size as well. We have a well researched size chart for pet door size according to the size and breed type.
  • Please double check if the door is made of finest quality plastic. Additionally, make sure that the dog dont have to push hard to walk through it.

Best Custom Screens has been selling high quality doggy door online. You can order Security Boss Pet Door online or purchase a Doggy Door Mounted Sliding Screen Door. For more pet door products visit pet door section of our website.

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