aluminum screen door parts

Aluminum screen door parts

There are several different parts that make up an aluminum screen door, including:

  1. Frame: The frame is the main structure of the door and is usually made of aluminum. It provides the support for the rest of the door’s components.
  2. Screen mesh: This is the material that makes up the screen and is usually made of fiberglass or aluminum. It is stretched across the frame to keep out insects and other small pests.
  3. Handle: The handle is used to open and close the door and is typically made of aluminum or plastic.
  4. Latch: The latch is the mechanism used to lock the door and is usually located near the handle.
  5. Hinges: Hinges are used to attach the door to the frame and allow it to open and close. They are typically made of aluminum or steel.
  6. Weatherstripping: Weatherstripping is used to seal the gap between the door and the frame, keeping out drafts and moisture.
  7. Rollers: Rollers are used on sliding screen doors to allow the door to move smoothly along the track.

All of these parts are replaceable if they are damaged or worn out, you can find specific aluminum screen door replacement parts online, or at local Home improvement stores.

Please let me know if you need more information on this.

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